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John Maxwell is a infamous robot boxer and the owner of Ambush 2.0

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Full Name: Johnathan"John" Maxwell

Age: Mid-thirties

Birth Date: 18th December 19XX

Race: British/Mongolian

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Height: 1.93 m

Weight: 70-75 kg

Occupation: Robot Boxer, EBot Enterprises Owner (Shared with Lance Reynolds)

Affiliation: Ecorps company (Owner), Team Mech (Member), Global Mech (Co-Leader), IX-9 (Member), Artie Bakker gang (Part-time hitman), Crash Palace gang (Unofficial operator)

Properties: ECOH, 323 Grove Street

Arsenal: Ambush 2.0

Owned weaponry: Knuckle Duster, Taser X26C, LumiTact G700, Degtyaryov MG

Martial Art Style: International Superior Kundo

Likes: Video games, Coke, Robots, Baked Beans, Langostino, Crab

Dislikes: Basketball, Coffee, FPS

Hobbies: Robot Boxing, Online Games, Trolling

Motto: "You alright mate? Good man."

Known Relatives: Mary Maxwell (Twin sister)


Low-Education level

John never been to school and is illiterate. He is able to speak in English, Latin and Mongolian though.

Lack of Leadership

John doesn't know how to lead a team.


On a stormy night, a lone basket arrived at the doorstep Crash Palace. The basket contained a pair of twins-John Maxwell and Mary Maxwell. The staff of Crash Palace took them in and raised them.

John, as a kid, wandered in Crash Palace. His unknown father, having a great influence on the people of Crash Palace is advantage to John. Although he never actually had a complete family, his childhood is not that harsh. Artie Bakker, for example, bought meals for the twins when in a good mood.

At about nine years old, sensing talent, Artie decided to teach him the art of robot boxing. By basically living in Crash Palace, John's skills and passion for robot boxing grew rapidly and occasionally rented boxing robots.

As he grew into a young adult, John made money by participating in illegal work. Smuggling illegal bot parts and hydraulic fluid. Although profit is bad, he was quite successful and gained a small amount of reputation in the business. However, shortly after raiding the company owned by the Jones family, his sister gets sexually assaulted, presumably by people from the Jones company, leading his sister into insanity.

Eager for revenge, John bought Ambush 2.0 with his money, in hopes of chasing a high flying career and assisting him to avenge his sister.


John Maxwell might seem easy going but not really.

Stage 1: Total Dominance!

No one wants to mess with John Maxwell, mainly since it seems he always have total control over the situation. He will be a bit more cocky when his friends are around and tends to be a showoff, but he actually extremely laidback. He's not afraid to talk about his past and is willing to share it, except for that one incident.

Stage 2: Sarcasm

When talking about touchy subjects , he will use a lot of sarcastic terms to insult you. If you attempt to push he might even tend to show an all out rage and physically punish you.

Stage 3: Dangerous

You had a death wish when you openly joke and insult about that one incident that involved his sister. He will be extra polite and calm to you to a point that's weird. He will ruin you socially.

Relationships (In order of people I met)


John is generally cheerful and don't pay attention to details, but he blames himself for not protecting his sister.

Mary Maxwell

Basically the power core of his life. Bickering happens oftens between the two. After the incident, John has grown to more of a big brother and took care of his sister. Since Jones died her condition improved, allowing her out on the streets.

Sayinaral Qayag

John and Sayinaral haven't met for long, but are already fallen into a pit called love. They met for three days and are already in the "About to be married" state.

Artie Bakker

When John is abandoned in his basket, it was Artie who took him in. John sees him as half a father and Artie treats him like half a son. They sometimes play video games together.

Lance Reynolds

The dynamic duo, or what you call best buds. Getting through tag team tournaments, owning a company together and joyriding in a helicopter has made these two close.

Raf Kent

Second best friend. Sharing same interests and similar fighting styles. It's was John who recommended Raf to join Team Mech.

Mark Hedhon

John respected his father, Fawk Hedhon, but thought Mark is just some douche holding on his father's fame. Mark soon proved him to be wrong. The two are allies and gone through a lot of events together.

Yuuko Sakurai

Someone John feels like a good friend, but bickers a lot about soap operas, or just soap in general.

Keiichi Akamine

John always pushed Keiichi to get a bit before he got Thanatos. Eventually, Keiichi gives in, but is secretly scared of how passionate John is on robot boxing.

Shawn Shucks

Personally, John is afraid of the power Overkill possessed. Shawn is grateful for helping him on fight Antony Brooks.

Taylor Srinwest

A guy whom John always feel like a mentor to. He gave advice to Taylor about robot boxing and supervised him in his journey in the Underworld.

Raymond Santiago

Similar to Taylor, or I would call him Taylor's clone. Raymond is an ally worth to be trusted. John is currently showing him around the Ebot headquarters.

Vinzer Kakashi

John first heard of Kakashi on the radio. Later, Vinzer joined Global Mech with Raymond. John longs to fight with Rook, Vinzer's bot. They fought together aganist Rewire.

Janise Keri

These two are normally portrayed as friendly rivals. Janise slightly disliked John for beating Ragnorak but is grateful for the repairs, meanwhile, John holds a small grudge towards her since Janise slapped him in public.

Heidar Fuscina

This part seems to be missing, looks like someone did this on purpose.


  • The story of Ambush 2.0 and John is finished in one single edit (Excluding the custom bot fights).
  • John is a fan of the famous Spetsnaz operator Alexsandr Senaviev, which is the reason he owns a DP-28. He's also a fan of GIGN operator Gilles Touré and Seamus Cowden, the S.A.S operator.
  • John is able to speak in Latin and Mongolian but can't read or write it.
  • John can fly
  • Not really
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