Jasper, the friendly ghost
Vital statistics
Title None
Generation 2 or 3
Bot Type Brawler
Status Working

NAME: Jasper


BOT TYPE: Brawler

Real Steel Game

Jasper is a WRB fighter, but doesn't quite fight like one.  Even in the gentlemanly ring of the pro circuit, Jasper still finds ways to bend the rules, often cornering enemies and beating them to a pulp.  While he may be fast and ferocious, he sure isn't subtle. He tends to use all of his energy quickly, in an attempt to get the match done with before the first bell. He may seem intimidating, but don't be fooled by all the cleverly placed lights and paper-mache, for he is an easy fight when you know when to strike. The look is just a bad facade.  


Jasper has a mostly black and red color scheme, with yellow-green highlights here and there. His head looks similar to that of a retro motorcyclist helmet. His face appears to be decorated with crimson war paint, which streams down from beneath his piercing eyes. His torso looks like it's made of strips of a strong metal (titanium, perhaps?), that are layered horizontally around the bot. His fists have a strange shape. With four separate "fingers" it almost resembles a sci-fi laser gun. It is unknown what the point of this shape is, although it may just be for intimidation purposes. Like most of this bot.


Overall Stats

Strength: 86/100

Speed: 90/100

Intelligence: 87/100

Special Moves: 78/100

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 4542
Core HP 3135
Power Charge 1974
Total Attack 3557
Total Defense 2969
Resilience 8
Damage Recovery 4
Power Recovery 9
Average Punch Speed 8
Movement Speed 8
Mobility 10


  • Jasper's color reflects the mineral, Jasper.

Big fists, light body...

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