The Veterans are a group of robot boxers that are hardy, pun-loving, and awesome handlers. The group was made after Janise Keri earned the respect of John Maxwell, Raymond Santiago, Craig Cartman, Wendy Hills, Jaime Tommes, and Leo "Butter" Scotch.

Group Roles

Whenever someone catches the eye of one of the people mentioned above, they can get a role in the Zone.


Techies are the programmers of the group, and are capable of disabling malfunctioning boxers with their robots. Janise Keri is the head Techie, but that job usually goes to Wendy Hills.

Techies don't have access to the High Room unless Invited, however, Wendy is allowed at any time.


Brutalists have real powerful robots that can take and give a beating. They aren't that good with tech, but handle themselves in a fight. The Head Brutalist was formerly John Maxwell, whose Ambush 2.0 carried him to many a great victory. He has retired recently.

Brutalists have access to the High Room and Kopi Keep, but they don't have access to Janise Keri's Dorm.

Social Mediator

Social Mediators deal with the Ice and Heat's relations to the public. By getting word around of the Freedom Pals latest robot and dealing with social issues, Social Mediators can make or break an opposing team.

The head Social Mediator is Craig Cartman. His Laptop is capable of accessing robot files and snooping about to ensure that it is permitted into official events.

When the Social Mediator is chosen, Craig says "Ok, I'll see you in Facebook and Instagram. If you ever survive the public"

Metal Smiths

With their hands that can FEEL hot steel, Metal Smiths work with metal and can upgrade or reshape armor. However, Metal Smith robots are even better and pounding the steel in. Janise is the head Metal Smith.

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