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Janise is a Fan-made human and Owner of Rost, Ragnarok, and Waspunch. The prototype mentioned is not really Aquabot and was simply made for fun.

Janise Keri is a Robot boxing handler and a mechanic. She is the leader of the team IX-9, and one of the most valuable members.


Janise Keri wasn't always a Robot handler. She was once someone unloved and abandoned, living off of meat scraps she found when people threw away.

Eventually, she was found by an orphanage, but she despised it. Children were always stereotyped and discriminated. Every time it was recess, or as she called it, Torture time, the staff would give pink frilly toys. She hated them and took to smashing the toys into pieces.

The person who managed the orphanage thought she was mentally ill, but she wasn't! She was a tomboy, and would much rather watch boxing on TV (which she couldn't do for long, she had to keep changing it into baby shows like teletubbies and generation 1 MLP (She preferred generation 4, but the orphanage didn't allow it, saying it was too girly.))

At the age of 12, she broke out of the orphanage, along with Tapenata, her only friend (The rest were too mind broken with the discrimination and stereotypes to even bother to make friends with her.). Eventually they would go their separate ways.

She managed to get a job as a Mechanic at Crash palace (Note, she was 16 at that time). She worked time and time again on different bots, scrapping broken ones and, behind Artie's back, using broken bits from Noisy Boy to build a prototype of Waspunch (Waspunch is built when Janise is 19). The prototype didn't last long though, and she had to give it to Arek. The prototype would soon become Aquabot


Janise's behaviour is rather complicated, it has 3 stages, but all of each try to cover her dark past.

Stage 1: Spunk

Initially, Janise is very outgoing and spunky. In this stage, not many people can see she's having a major depression inside until night. If you remember correctly, she has a little issue during sleep. No, not Insomnia, she doesn't have that gene mutation. She has an intense inner conflict, causing her to shiver and clench her pillow hard. This may prevent her from sleeping, and evidence of the conflict is seen the next morning.

Stage 2: Arrogance

When people question if she's alright, her normal attitude disappears and she becomes defensive. She may show signs of anger toward those who talk to her in this stage. If anyone tries to reach down further, they get yelled at by her. If they reach down too far, she may resort to violence to try and defend that she's not having a nervous breakdown from her conflict.

Stage 3: Nervous Breakdown

After enough reaching, Janise has a severe nervous breakdown. The initial start is severe arrogance and injury to those around her, even those close to her. She may use her own robots to stop people from trying to reach into her past, and this might cause extreme injuries. If people manage to survive the initial anger, she drops onto her knees and uncontrollably cries. It's hard to comfort her when she's in this state, and usually only Tapenata (aka Nethan) or those who are very close to her can bring her out of her shell.



Well, where do I start... oh yes. Janise is half mind-broken and has lived in the orphanage for 9 years. Her stoic nature allowed her to withstand it. If anyone talks about her past, she would usually clam up.

She does have an inner conflict between her stereotyped self and regular self. This may sometimes cause her to shiver a bit, hugging a pillow. This usually happens when she is in bed. During this inner conflict, she may mutter nonsense, and should be talked to ASAP

Raymond Santiago

Janise and Raymond currently have an ongoing feud since Twister's defeat. They don't like each other, and tend to get physical should they be in the same room for long. Janise does plan on asking Raymond if he could possibly forgive her for being smug when Ragnarok defeated Twister.

John Maxwell

These two are normally portrayed as friendly rivals. Janise slightly disliked John for beating Ragnorak but is grateful for the repairs, meanwhile, John holds a small grudge towards her since Janise slapped him in public.


Tapenata and Janise are close friends. You could say they are clones with different names, as both of them are stoic, outgoing, and good with tech. Some people may mistake Tapenata for Janise's love interest, but in truth, it's Jaime Tommes.

Their friendship isn't too sturdy though, Janise slapped Tapenata once, they ended up in a fist fight. But it's safe to call them adoptive siblings, but not safe to call them girlfriend and boyfriend, unless you wanna get punched where it hurts.

Jaime Tommes

I don't know where to start, both of them are a little too close to each other. To sum it up, Janise thinks that Jaime is the best engineer she has met in her whole life, Jaime thinks that Janise is the most talented robot boxer handler since Charlie and Max. John and Raymond know about their relationship, and they try their best to bring both of them to a level of open crush. Janise won't let them though, neither will Jaime

Her sister

If you watched the trailer I posted in my blog, you may have picked up on a certain Real steel: Duality. Not much is currently known of Janise's relationship with her sister.


  • Janise has Acrophobia and Arachnophobia. (She's scared of heights and spiders)
  • Janise likes some kinds of noodles
    • Her favourite are instant noodle Pancit Canton
    • She dislikes Pancit Bihon
    • She's okay with Ramen
  • The fact that she's partially mind-broken may be the reason she would rather be alone than in crowds.
  • The prototype of Waspunch would soon be Aquabot
  • As seen in the picture, Her favourite hobby is scavenging bits and pieces from motorcycles.
  • Her favorite mode of transportation comes in the form of motorcycles. Why? She says they are fast, reliable, and you don't need all that empty space weighing you down. If you remember, she doesn't like it when more than 4 people are in her presence.
  • She's fond of the color purple, and dyes here hair that way when she's in crash palace
  • She used to cover her eyes (with her own hair) back in the orphanage, she's shy that way
  • When Janise gets drunk, she sometimes yells on and on about her problems, then laugh hysterically. Around Jaime, she is prone to Intoxication-induced Romance (A Term I made up) in which she'd keep close to Jaime, sometimes hugging him more often.
  • Janise doesn't fit into Tsundere, Dandere, Kuudere, or Yandere categories. She's weird that way