Janise And Jaime, Boxing, and Romance is a fan made love story of officially shipping Janise and Jaime together.

The story develops as Janise and Jaime begin getting closer, all because of a professional trick by Raymond and John.

Chapter 1: I ship them!

Raymond would look at Janise and Jaime sitting across each other in the diner. He was with John. While it may have seemed that they were stalking Janise and Jaime (they were staring through the diner's front window), they just really liked the idea of Janise and Jaime getting together. And Raymond wanted to apologize to Janise. Then, all of a sudden, the Janise noticed the two staring at them. Angrily, she went outside to them and gave them both a black eye. "Hey, what was that for," Raymond replied. "We were just waiting!" Janise sighed. "Well, why were you and John staring at Jaime and I?!" John hesistantly embarrassingly replied, "Well, uh, we ship you two.." Janise's face became fully engulfed with red. "Really?" She'd answer. John and Raymond nod their heads. Then, Jaime exits the diner. "What're you guys talking about?" said Jaime. In unison, Janise, John, and Raymond replied a convincing "Nothing.". As they all returned to the E-Bot dorms, Janise thought about how Raymond and John shipped her and Jaime. She liked the thought of that.

First attempt

Jaime sat on his bed, typing on his iPhone. His Katana collection sat on rows of holsters, one of them fell from a The-Shining-axe-scene-strength knock. "HOLY POOP DUTY!" Jaime shouted, mostly because it was like a FNAF jumpscare, loud and sudden. He juggled his phone as it hit the floor, John walked in, snickering his butt off. "Your face was so priceless, Jaime. You should be awarded the "Most likely to pee his pants" award. Hehe." Jaime was considering grabbing one of his Tanto or Shoto blades and stabbing John's crotch with it (He's demented that way).

"Sooooo, Jaime, what ya typing there?" John interrogated, a Mad look on his face. He snatched Jaime's iPhone from under the Katana holster. Jaime tackled John in a furious JVJ (Jaime vs John). John would have been stabbed by Jaime's Trusted Shoto named Kage (Which translates to shadow in Japanese) if he didn't get Raymond (Who was in Jaime's bathroom (Their roomies)) to Headlock him. Raymond didn't expect Jaime to not struggle, then wriggle his way out of it. "Lesson one: Go to where there's no pressure in a headlock," Jaime said. They switched from tactical fighting to all-out street fighting. Both John and Raymond got black eyes, one because of Jaime's ADHD and math skills, and two because they underestimated Jaime's use of katanas. He used his Tanto blades the most. "Sheesh, What has gotten into you 2?" Jaime said.

Second Attempt

"Are you sure this is gonna work?" Raymond asked nervously to himself, "Maybe, I lived half my life on the streets anyway." as he walked boldly into the room of Janise Keri.

After a minute of screaming and yelling inside the room, Raymond burst from the room, laughing wildly and holding a phone, chased by a shrieking Janise. "YES!" yelled Raymond triumphantly, "What did you send?" shrieked Janise as she reclaimed her phone from John's grasp. "Oh, I don't know, maybe 'Send Nudes'?" "Holy cow! did you actually do that?" said John, who is watching the whole time. "WHY DID YO- Oh wait, I disconnected from WiFi. Too bad!" Janise stuck out her tongue at them.

Both guys groaned. Janise hummed happily as she slammed her door in their faces.

Third Attempt

Jaime sprawled on his bed, looking like he had just taken a bath in burning hot lava. Vortex's electrical systems just went Ka-Boom, and it was taking hours to fix it. Close by, Janise was attempting to subdue Ragnarok when an explosion in one of his pistons caused his entire body to flail around, just like That one time. Ragnarok's shoulder blade piston lost hold, smacking Janise in the face. Struggling to balance on the stool she used to get up to Ragnarok's upper body, she toppled backward. Jaime turned, and ran to catch Janise, since at her current height, falling headfirst would mean a Concussion.

Catching her in his arms, he yelled in Japanese "Nantekotta i! Sore wa anata jishin no anzen ni kuru toki anata no hijō ni fuchūi! (What the Hell! Your so carelesss when it comes to your own safety!)" "Sorry, Jaime. I'm not as careful as you are when it comes to FIXING A BOT ABOUT TO RETIRE!!! God, I know I'm careless, but you don't have to grill on me about it!"

This kind of Tsundere-like argument happened a lot since Janise was really upset about having to retire Ragnarok. Meanwhile, Raymond Santiago was passing by the RBIS Garage, because he can, when he picked up on Janise and Jaime trading yells. Like the semi-annoying person he was, he burst into the garage. CUE THE OH CRAP MUSIC!

Chapter 2: The Plan

Fill, cause I'm low on ideas

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