Jakks Pacific is a major toy brand! LINK[1]

Jakks Pacific has created many toys for kids to enjoy! And now they released Real Steel Figures! Real Steel figures are based from the movie. There are two types pof figures Basic Figures and Deluxe Figures! There are also Series to the toyline.


Basic Figures are your normal figures about 5' and fun to play with. They are about $10 and you can buy them at your retail stores. They also come in two packs for about $18 in retail. You can remove items such as their arms and legs and put them on other Basic Figures. Also all of the Basic Figures Light Up! There is also a Build N' Battle Set that comes with Atom in a carrying case along with customizable arms and legs for about $20. Basic Figures are really fun!
  • Basic Zeus
  • Basic Atom
  • Basic Twin Cities
  • Basic Noisy Boy
  • Basic Midus
  • Basic Two Pack
  • Basic Two Pack
  • Basic Atom vs Zeus Two Pack
  • Basic Atom vs Twin Cities Two Pack
  • Basic Build N' Battle Set


Deluxe Figures are much larger than Basic Figures they are about 7.5' and have very much articulation. They Are also highly detailed and they are available at retail stores for about $20.There are also two packs for about $30 in retail. They all have a unique action they can do. There is also an arena called the Main Event Ring that you could buy separatly for about $30. Your Deluxe 7.5' figures can fight in the ring. Deluxe Figures are really cool!
  • Deluxe Zeus
  • Deluxe Atom
  • Deluxe Midas
  • Deluxe Noisy Boy
  • Deluxe Three Pack?
  • Deluxe Atom vs Zeus Two Pack
  • Deluxe Noisy Boy vs Midas Two Pack
  • Main Even Ring (for Deluxe figures)


The other thing available for you to buy is the Battle Champions playset. It's available in retail for about $35. It includes the arena and two other figures, those figures are Atom and Zeus. They both have the gimmick to customize themselves. And there is role play toys such as masks and gloves.
  • Battle Champions Set
  • Atom Dress Up Set
  • Atom Rumble Gloves
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