"Hello? Yes it's Jaime Tommes and He DID NOT EAT YOUR (Name of your caller's favorite food) (Name of Caller)!" -Jaime

Jaime Tommes is one of the most talented engineers at Robot Boxing International School, and is the love interest of Janise Keri. He currently lives in Arizona.


Unlike Janise, Jaime was born in a stinking rich family. Yes, they had swords, Yes they had expensive clothes, YES, they had a big house. But nothing really satisfied with what he had. No, he wasn't a spoiled jerk, he just wanted something money can't really buy, nor your family's bloodline, reputation, or orders: a BFF. His parents say that he's too noble for a friend, and should have a girlfriend. AT THE AGE OF 15!!!!!

He secretly despised his parents being so caught up in their attempt to keep up their reputation (and their INCREDIBLY picky behaviour.), and he was forced to segregate himself from his parents by running away... with 50% of the family's mo

Jaime has a sweet spot for KFC, and Taho, and Sinigang, and pretty much anything that isn't cabbage. But he's known by his little group of friends (Janise, Raymond, Vinzer, John) As the chicken thief, due to him stealing it a lot more than other foods.

Abilities and Attrubutes

  • Expert roaster. Jaime is capable of roasting anyone, if given enough time.
  • Good mathematician. With his math skills he can figure out when to attack, how fast, hard, and where.
  • ADHD. In battle, his ADHD keeps him alive, though it doesn't kick in often.
  • Weapon knowledge. Jaime has the ability to recognize a weapon and how to counter it


  • Food. Jaime is known as a serious food Snatcher. That, Combined with his love for Chicken means that even baby-proof locks can't stop the fridge from being ransacked
  • Poor Melee: Jaime can't win fisticuffs without his Tanto Blade Kage. His punches can only cause a nosebleed, at worst.


This is the list of injuries/issues Jaime suffered and dealt with in his life.

Birth Defect List:

  • Heart Arrhythmia: Jaime, due to an inconsistency with his pacemaker cell's ability to discharge electricity, can't participate in extracurricular activities. Until Scientists figure out what's wrong with his SA Node, Jaime's only way of fitness are treadmill and weights.
  • Immune Sensitivity: Jaime's over reactive immune system can sometimes cause unwanted itches and Pickle Jar rage.

Current Injuries

  • Jaw Cast. Jaime and Raymond got into a fight over Vortex's rights and the former was hurt by a roundhouse. This broke one of the sides of his Jaw, and he has to wear a Cast (The metal areas on the Picture)
  • Twisted Wrist. Jaime feels pain moving his right wrist due to him getting into a prison fight while he was framed for The Centurion theft.
  • Farsightedness: Uncommon in College Graduates majoring in Mechanics, Jaime has glasses to help with the fact he's Farsighted. The disability is especially annoying when Jaime doesn't have his Coffee (97% Decaf) before noon.



Unlike a certain robot boxer with a WRB contending robot, Jaime has a stable relationship with himself. He hasn't been to a stereotyping orphanage nor has he ever let the amount of money his family has go to his head. However, Jaime has a temper so short that one insult will leave your nose spurting blood.

Janise Keri

Janise Keri is Jaime's significant other. If you live under a rock and/or have a thick skull, there are a few signs to show that Janise and Jaime have a thing for each other.

These Signs are:

  • Time Spent: When Janise and Jaime head back to their E-bot dorms, you'll notice how often they do the walking together. A lot of their conversation may revolve around normal things to talk about, like sparring or the occasional suggestion of a stop by one of the diners. If your really stealthy and have super-natural patience, you'll pick up on a few exchanges that seem... off.
  • Frequent Hang-outs: While Janise isn't managing the Scrap Store, she spends her time at Jaime's dorm playing video games on Jaime's Nintendo Switch. They also watch Stranger Things, Friends, and other shows.

Raymond Santiago

Not on the best terms with him, Jaime and Raymond had a dispute over who have rights to Vortex, the new Twister. Jaime's argument for Vortex's ownership


The Pit Crew

Jaime's favorite outfit when he's fixing up a damaged bot. He wears it during his part time job of working at the Scrap Store. Jaime has an especially hard time getting hydraulic fluid out of it, but it's awesome at ventilating heat in scorching Arizona.

Special Features

  1. Electrically Insulated
  2. Breathable, Perfect for living in Arizona
  3. Can be worn over Home Clothes


  • Jaime is actually Asexual, having no sexual desires with Janise Keri.
  • Jaime has a particular fear of Halloween, mostly because he feels pressured to play the FNAF games (Which is actually something I think he shouldn't do. Because Arrhythmia)
  • Jaime is part Japanese, being able to construct mediocre sentences with it.
    • He often uses extremely powerful roasts in the form of Japanese, as his fighting skill is not as good as his tongue.
  • Often, Jaime needs to save Janise when she hurts herself trying to fix Ragnarok and prepare Titan for combat. SHIP AWAY!!
  • Jaime's Grandmother died in 2010, and he has since had a small case of Depression, often stopping and staring off into space when he's alone to think about her last words.
  • When Drunk, Jaime tends to shout a fair amount of obscenities in Japanese.

Dev Notes

Sexual Orientation

I have just recently decided to make Jaime part of the LGBTQ+ community by making him Asexual. Having Jaime start a family with Janise is too much fan-fiction to write about. So I lightened the load by making him Asexual.

Injuries and Defects

Having a flawless character doesn't feel right in my eyes. Being perfect in every way unsettles me to the point I start going half mad in my search for logic about flawlessness. I think I overdid the Defects when I first created Jaime before his Page Overhaul. If you have problems with that, think about flawless people, and imagine how everyday must be to them.


I like it when people get angry. I also like it when they have short tempers. I write weird fan fiction when they go KA-BLOOEY and explode stuff with lemons. Nuff Said.

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