Jack Croco was born on 15th July of 1993, He lives with his Father Troy Croco, Later in May 2017, Jack Later worked As A Crocodile hunter.

After That, He Became a manager Of His own store Called "The Croco Market".

While Jack Was Going Home, Jim Falkitz's Father Saw Jack and went to see him, Saying hello to Jack Also saying That how was his father, and he said he is okay.

Later, Jack Went to Mr. Falkitz Home And Jim Falkitz (Son of Mr. Falkitz) Saw him Very Exited and Happy, And Later They went in Mr. Falkitz's house and They both descuss about home everything was okay, and Jack Positivaly saying it was okay.

But On June 2019, Jack's Father Died Of Cancer, And He tells his son that, some should control a robot that he made to fight in the WRB. Later he died After saying his last word.

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