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Name: Jac-Daw

Nickname: The Head Crushers

Generation: 3

Robot Type: Annilhator

Handler: The Crush Bros (Jason & Ken)

Special Move: The Twin Punch

Made In: Kansas City, Missouri

Status: Online

Announcer's Quote : The Two Head Crushers From The Underworld Here's Jac-Daw!!!


Back on the day, Jason was a Boxer, While Ken was a Parkour master and a boxer

Ten years later they met while they were entering the ring.  As a result they both have in common: Their both master of parkour and also master boxing, Then they both realize that they need to build a bot to Join The WRB.

Years later both of them found parts of an old robot that got trashed, as a result they both created a bot with two heads and later both of them think of coming up with a name for their bot, And later they both named their bot Jac- Daw after they found a jackdaw in their robot and now they named him Jac-Daw

Later both of them Found a place called "The Crash Palace" Also known as " The Underworld "

They convinced Finn To let them in on the ring, But Finn Refuses, It wasn't long until Both of them Sneaked into the ring And Fought Tackle, But When Finn Discovers this he went to stop the fight but the both refused to stop.

Conutinuing fighting until tackle's parts and Survos were damaged. He finished him off by Ripping his leg and his arm And finished him by ripping his head off

Later Finn Arrived To stop them, only to see Tackle's parts and Servos Damaged, as Finn was impressed of their bot Ripping off Tackle ,Finn Asked them if they became the boxing champions of The Underworld As Both of Them Agreed Finn gave both of them a nickname, Jason came up the name "The Crush Bros" As a joke. But Ken and Finn Were Impressed, and later their nickname became" The Crush Bros" and their bot Jac-Daw Became "The Head Crushers"

The Next Fight

After their previous fight against Tackle, Both of them Discovered a fight club called "The Killer Robot Club" that afford 100 $ for a match that they won.

So Jason and Ken Talked to the owner of the fight club Jon Wilson, And he offered 500 $ if they won a fight against Tempest.

The Wrong Time

After the agreedment of both Jason,Ken and Jon, They began to fight Tempest, After the rounds 1,2 and 3 Tempest was Almost knocked out

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Unfortunaley At Rounds 4 and 5 Jac-daw was Completely Damaged and Destroyed. After that Jac-daw Was completely destroyed.

At the Half break, Both Jay and Ken Came up a idea that They have to upgraded Jac-Daw With some scraps, and later they Took some scraps a made some brand new parts, And later Jac-Daw 2.0 was bulit.

So Later Jac-Daw Came and Destroyed Tempest with All Upgrades that they have and they both won 500 $ as a reward

Tag Mode (with Subkiller and Noisy boy 2.0)

After Their successful Fight Against Tempest, The WRB Called them and Saying That There is going to be a new fight Called "Tag Mode" Later They said That they agreed.

Later They went to the WRB To Talk to the Manager, Saying that Which Bots we should tag, And He said That He Will Join Both Subkiller (Jack Croco) And Noisy Boy (2.0).

Tag Fight

After Their Agreedment, Both Jay & Ken, Along Jack Croco, And Noisy Boy 2.0, Began To Fight Against, Tracula, Vapor And Calizto.

Later At Round 1 Noisy Boy 2.0 Began ro fight Vapor Causing To Crush Vapor's Battery, Causing Vapor To Die,

While On Round 2 Jac-Daw Later Fought Calizto Destroying Him In The Proccess

And At The Final Round (Round 3) Subkiller Destroyed Tracula At His Head

After That Jay & Ken, Croco and Noisy boy 2.0, Resived 1000 $ After Their success.


Jac-Daw is the second Two headed bot to be built, The First was Twin Cities

Ken Used to Work at Subway, Before he became a Parkour master and a Boxer

While Jason used to do Paintings and Drawings, Before he became a Boxer

Jac-Daw's name was going to be Painstriker, But it was changed because There was a bar called "The Painkiller Bar".

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