(Note, Fan Bot, not seen in movie)


Name: Islander

Nickname: "The Laid-Back Slash Bot"

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Generation: 3

Signature Move: Palm Pounder

Origin: USA


Islander is at an average height of 7'9", making him 4 inches shorter than Nitro. He is green with curved, purple rectangles surrounding his limbs and main body. His head is a bit based off of the famous Atom, with mesh in front of his eyes (his eyes are purple LEDs), and "long horns" jetting back from the sides of Islander's head. With a weight of 753 pounds, this bot was made to move.

Fighting Style

Islander uses his high speed to his advantage, spinning and dodging to try and confuse his opponent. His armor is pretty average, but specially designed as to not interfere with Islander's quick movements. Power and attack isn't much of a concern to Islander's owner, Adam Keith, so Islander can't punch very hard, but he can put out quite a bit of punches before his opponent can make an offensive move.


Armor: 6/10

Power: 4/10

Speed: 10/10


Islander was built from spare parts from destroyed bots that were bought by Dennis Alder. After a repainting, Adam Keith bought Islander from Alder, planning to take Islander to the top ranks of The Underworld. Keith was new to the buisness, and had no idea how to fight, so he lost his first two matches. Keith was worried his bot would have to be sold. Islander was getting expensive to repair, and he wasn't winning matches. Islander's next match was against Nightmare. After all 5 rounds, both Nightmare and Islander were still standing. The judges declared the match in islander's favor, and thus, Islander had one his first match. But now, Ryan Finalright wanted revenge. Finalright challenged Keith to a one-time battle the next day; winner gets 13 grand. Keith accepted, knowing in him that this was his chance. The next day came quickly. Almost all the seats in the Omega Club were filled. Fans was excited for this, because by winning against Nightmare the first time, Islander had gained a following. Not many stood even a chance against Nightmare. Round 1 was devastating for Islander, his blows were left ineffective for most of the round. Round 2 was a turning point for Islander, though. Nightmare was knocked down twice, and saved by the bell. Round 3 was a slugfest, each robot and owner giving it their all. This time, Nightmare was immobilized by a midsection blow, giving Keith the opprotunity he needed to put him down for good. After the match, Keith got invited by a member of the WRB to join the league. Keith was taken aback, because normally, WRB agents came when you won more than a couple fights. For obvious reasons Keith accepted, and his first league match was against Steampunk (not Steampunk from RCL). TO BE CONTINUED


  • Islander's last win was against Danger Zone, knocking one of his arms off
  • Islander was not created in Hawaii (as you might think)
  • Islander has a dull blade on his left fist
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