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Name:Iron Fighter

Title: Iron Star,The Speedster


Bot Type:Fragile Speeder

Handler:Zane Taylor

Announcer Quote:”The Speeding Iron Bot Comes Back For A Fight,Showing Intelligence Now Welcome.. Iron Star,The Speedster Introducing Iron Fighter!”


Stealth Mode-Activate’s The Dodge Ability Faster Seeing It As A Fast Dodger And Almost Untouchable

Reflect Mode-With This Mode On The Robot‘s Damage Will Be Half. The other half will be Reflected by the Enemy

Shadow Function-Allowing The Robot Mimic It’s Controller Moves Only Enables In Tight Situations And When The Controls Are Down And Makes Robot React Faster And Learns The Controller Moves

A.I-When All Controls Are Down The Robot Is Able To Fight On It’s Own With No Tatical Advantage Or Disadvantage Making The Match Still Fair It Only Uses It’s Moves.Not Adapting To Some Situations For Advantages.Able To Activate It Modes Only One Time

Built-In Self Repair System-After Each Round The Bot Needs Activation For Self Repair Which Repairs Easily


Overall Stats


Speed:88/100 (100/100 When Reflect Mode)



Special Moves:72/100

Total Battle Rating:4858

Made In:USA

Signature Moves: The Iron Punch,The Speedy Combo,Star Fight Special

Handler:Zane Taylor

Trainer:Robbert Paul

Owner:Star Fighter


Team:Star Fighter

Member: Zane Taylor,Robbert Paul,Matthew Jones



Bot:Iron Fighter


It’s Appearance

The Bot Kinda Looks Like A Iron Made Bot,It’s Chest Has A Star Which Glows Light Blue,The Bot Takes A Slim Appearance For It’s Speed,Less Armor For It’s Speed,A Fighter Looking Bot,It’s Overall Color:Is Red,Blue,White,It’s Head Is A Mask Looking Robot Head,It Also Looks Like A Drone

It’s Beggining

The Bot’s Beggining Is In August 9 2050 Where Zane Taylor Is Finding Some Robot Salvage To Make A Full Robot,Finding A Generation 4 Robot Which Has Been Deactivated For Years He Trades It For A Old Unfinished G2 Robot

Before The Bot Fights

Few Months Later He Got The Bot Fixed Up And functioning well but it’s unprepared for combat since it has nothing to control with. Some time later he then knew that the bot had a Shadow Mode function so until he had money to buy a controller he’ll use the Shadow Mode.He is now training the Bot Moves For it’s First Fight

Chapter 1:First Fight

His First Opponent Is Aquabot.In The First round everything is very fine until Aquabot released a devastating uppercut slightly damaging the bot.The second round the tables was changed due to the bots incredible speed after finding it’s weakness the bot was Heavily Damaged It did Not survived until the third round.Winning The Fight,After That Zane Thinks Of Beating A Champion



Match:Iron Fighter Won

Money Earned: $1,500

Chapter 2:First Lost

With the win of Aquabot Many was requesting battles one of them is the handler of Six Shooter Zane accepted his challenge before his challenged they went to a repair shop to repair the broken parts Aquabot made.Few days later the fight between Six Shooter and Iron Fighter began in round one. Six Shooters Made A Big Dealing All Of The Round When The Bot Finally Got Down It Was Over he lose. Over the few days Zane thinks he need a team so he began to make a team named ”Star Fighter” he only chose the best he could find to make the bot stronger he only chose two people to do the job and still looking for more The two are:Robbert Paul,Matthew Jones.


Opponent:Six Shooter

Match:Six Shooter Won

Money Earned:$0

Chapter 3:Star Fighter’s Uprising