Name: Iron-Strike

Nickname: The Invincible Iron Puncher

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The Invincible Iron Puncher

Generation: 3

Robot Type: Demolisher

Special Move: Repousher Punch

Ranking: D:2:2

Handler: Antonio Espanho

Made In: Spain

Special Feature:Reinforced Armor 

Round 1 (Vs Touchdown)

When finn Discovers Iron- Strike he asked if he could have a match. But Antonio Espanho Refused to fight any bot that is weak. But Until Finn Asked That he could Have a match with touchdown, and Antonio Agreed To fight Touchdown.

The fight begun when touchdown punches Iron- Strike in the face causing him to fall down, but luckly he stand up to fight him again, only to get punched in the gut and fell down again, Until when touchdown is about to punch him in the chest, Iron-strike survived By punching him in the face and punching him until he lost a leg and throwing him in the ropes and knocking him out instantly

To finish him off Iron-Strike punches until his head was beheaded and exploded

Round 2 (Vs Six Shooter)

When Antonio Found A Ring Known As San Leandro He came in To see if he could have a Match with Iron- Strike As a result The only match was That he need to fight Six shooter And He Agreed To fight him On the ring Six Shooter Punches him 5x And Knocking him Down To the ground.

But After That Iron-Strike Backfired Him By Punching him, Uppercutting Him And Ripping Off Him, Causing Six Shooter To Be Destroyed And Knocked Out

Round 3 (Vs Blac Jac)

After the fight, Espanho Realized that he should fight against Blac Jac, So He went to ring with his bot, And The Match Started.

At Round 1 Iron-Strike Was Punched And Damaged Because, Blac Jac Started With an Uppercut And A Lowercut And Punched him In The Face Causing Him To be knocked out.

Later At Round 2 Blac Jac Continued To Punch Him Until He Gets Destroyed

But At Round 3 ( Or the final round) Iron-Strike Punched Back By Uppercuting Him, Lowercutting Him And Punching At The Face Rapidly Finishing Blac Jac With A Final Uppercut Causing him To Have His Head Decapitated By The Uppercut.

Later Espanho Recived 1500 $ For The match that he won.

Final Round (Vs Midas)

Coming Soon!


Iron-Strike´s Name Was Based On Iron Man

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