"The Bronze Brute, it can only be, Ingrid!"
Vital statistics
Title The Bronze Brut
Generation 2
Bot Type Demolisher, Level 5
Status Online


Attack: 95/100

Speed: 75/100

Defense: 65/100

Special: 90/100

Intelligence: 40/100

Nickname: "The Bronze Brute"

Generation: 2

Bot type: Demolisher, Level 5

Country of Origin: Unknown

Origin: Metal Valley

Owner/Handler: Raymond Santiago

Special Move: Mechismo Jab

Special Features: Intellium Core


It was early 2017. A group of engineers from a European country decide to create a robot. Using a famous actor and bodybuilder of the time as the inspiration of its design. As they finished their first prototype, they named it Ingrid. However, the design of Ingrid didn't fit the "bodybuilder" theme of the robot, so it was scrapped in Metal Valley. The engineers upgraded the design on Ingrid, and out came the robot we know today as Gridlock.

Chapter 1: Metal Valley

John Maxwell needed a new robot to sell on Ebot. So, he took a trip to Metal Valley. As he searched for parts he could use, he stumbled into a workshop, and the owner of Metal Valley was inside. On a support was a brass-bronze colored robot, reminding John of Gridlock. He asked the owner of Metal Valley if the robot could work. " works, it's just that it's AI system was badly damaged when I found this heap of metal." John worked up a deal to buy Ingrid. "How would you like to take...$25 grand for it?" The owner of Metal Valley sighed. "Alright. Just tell me where to load him."

Chapter 2: The Big Introduction

Hot Rod's owner contacted Global Mech. He was itching for a fight. However, only Raymond was open, and his robots were in repair. So, he loaned Ingrid from Ebot for the fight. It was on June 12.

June 12. Aloha Stadium, O'ahu, Hawai'I.

The announcer talks in the microphone.

"Hailing from Global Mech, here's the Bronze Brute, Ingrid!"

"Burning his way into the WRB, in his professional debut, make noise for, HOT ROD!"

Round 1

The bell rang. Hot Rod was waiting, watching for Ingrid to move. So was Ingrid. Finally, a third into the round, Ingrid came in with an astonishing blow, straight to Hot Rod's chest. It knocked back Hot Rod a little, but he was hardly fazed. Hot Rod responded with a devastating right hook, damaging Ingrid's left arm. It was okay, however, as the round had just ended.

Raymond repaired Ingrid's arm, while Hot Rod's owner merely did nothing. An amateur mistake, it would later affect the fight.

Round 2

Ingrid was good as new, while Hot Rod was tired. It's energy core was depleted from the first round. As the next round started, Hot Rod visibly was slower. Ingrid took advantage of this. Ingrid was a large robot. Raymond used this to build up potential energy and lash out a great burst of kinetic energy, thanks to Ingrid's large size. This straight jab to Hot Rod caused him to stumble backwards. Hot Rod did his best attempt to fight back. Surprisingly, it did a lot of damage to Ingrid. Ingrid's torso has a bulge in it, and this was bad. It scratched Ingrid's motherboard. This meant he couldn't use special moves. Raymond was devastated.

Round 3

Raymond partially repaired Ingrid's motherboard, realizing it was damaged beyond repair.

As Hot Rod refilled his energy core, he was full of energy once again. Ingrid was weak, having depleted its energy the round before.

Both robots came in, hands up. Ingrid faked punching Hot Rod's lower torso, then quickly performed a couple of jabs to Hot Rod's face. Right then and there, Hot Rod fell. It came as a surprise, as it seemed Ingrid was going to lose. This was because of his broken motherboard. Raymond later won the fight with a TKO.

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