Infinito (Basic Info)

Infinito came from the project by the "Louis and Co." company after finding Firebot's forgotten body. Dragonski was just a prototype but after Franco Gonzalez got the bot back, he modified it into this.


Height: 9"1

Speed: 69/100

Strength: 80/100

Intelligence: 89/100

Health: 75/100

Special Moves:

"Abdominal Breakdown": This move focuses on the stomach zone of the robot, with the intention of damaging circuit boards.

"Long Range Head Breaker": This is a combo focusing on the head, awesome for counter-attacks and trying to get away from your enemy.

"The Gonzalez Especial": This is a finisher move, Infinito's main targets are the head and the arms, with some blows to the stomach to try and stun the enemy, the best way to avoid this attack is dodging it, beacause blocking it will actually damage the arms, and they may rip off. Once he manages to break the opponent's arm off, Infinito proceeds to severely damage the head, until the challenger is knocked down or when the head is blown off.


After Franco, and his friend Edgar rescued Firebot, or what it was then, "Dragonski", he hated the changes that they made into the bot. So he modified Dragonski into this giant long armed robot. He said that he wanted a robot for long attacks, so no matter how much you could get from him, you would still take a punch. Since he already had his old robot Firebot in the WRB, Infinito actually started from there, not the Underworld.

With a bit of luck, he turned his first opponent (Touchdown) into a bunch of scrap. But since there wasn't any champion at the WRB defending the title, they made into an elimination tournament (Like the World Cup, or something).

This story may continue later.

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