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One of the few Illusion Robots that survived the Data Wipe Incident, IR T43KW0N-D0, or Dovakin, has returned to slam his fearful Power Claws into every bot's chest. But no one suspects that Leaper was once IR 3X-PL01T, the altered Daveru.

SPEED: 84/100 (95/100 in Trap Mode)

POWER: 97/100 (MAX In Savage Mode)

ARMOUR: 98/100 (MAX In Ballast Mode)

INTELLIGENCE: 82/100 (Half in Savage Mode)

SPECIAL: 92/100

OVERALL: 441/500



Quote: He's survived the Data Wipe, He has mastered Martial Arts, Watch out for the Jet Scythe of *One of the Illusion Robot's names*

Moves: Smash Claw, Rip Jaws, Aurora Slammer, Cross Defense, Metal Reversal, Force Back, Jet Scythe, Sharpen, Revelation

Ripoff: Hyper Gutting

Strategy: HEAVY Damage and Sponge Inclined.

Defining Features: Beryllium Claws, Claw Jets, ARC Core, 10 Inch Thick Diamond Covered Tungsten, Hip Mounted Code Capsules, Anticipation Chip.

Move Details

  • Smash Claw: Leaper jumps high into the air and dives, piercing his claws into the target's chest. This move is often used, making it hard to hit him.
  • Rip Jaws: A Counter, Leaper grabs the enemy's arm using his claws, digging them into it. He then rushes them around the ring, dealing good damage before thrusting them into the ground. Rip Jaws has the potential to rip off the arm of a robot.
  • Aurora Slammer: Using the light from his chest, Dovakin shines it brightly, blinding the enemy robot. He then proceeds to perform repeated jabs and crosses, wearing down the armor for his stronger attacks. After two mighty Smash Claws and a Rip Jaw, Taekwondo trips up the robot and uppercuts their chest, sending them flying. Aurora Slammer Deals the Stagger status effect, which interrupts the current attack in favor of the incoming one.
  • Metal Reversal: Reverse Knockback from a shorter Aurora Slammer and a claw stab to the shoulders. Deals Piston Leak effect. (WIP)


Back when he was Mark Z, Leaper went through Marks I all the way to X before being decided on the Mark Z Look.

Mark I

Leaper Mark I did NOT look like the Leaper today. Created out of scrappy parts scrounged from the junkyard, and rocket bits, the Leaper Mark I was never the tank. More of a Kamikaze one, Mark I had no technology and had to be worn in order to battle. Mark I's first test saw the light of Victory once. ONCE!

It had primitive Jet Boots that allowed it for body slams, but other than that, it was slower than Metro!

Composition: Iron and Steel bolts, but no sign of Diamond Plating

Features: Rocket Salvaged Jet Boots

Mark II

This version of Leaper was changed from a crudely made robot to a more sophisticated load out. It was more human like and faster. However, It still needed to be manually piloted. It saw Victory more than once, but the lack of weight control made it a little heavy.

The Jet boots are strong enough to fly it for short distances, but feed on power much more than usual.



Taekwondo, before the terrible Data Wipe, was once recognized as Mark Z, one of the finest bots of its time. It had everything an unstoppable robot could want: Jump Jets, Diamond Plated Armor, High Powered ARC Core, and it's Anticipation Chip matched Ragnarok. Unfortunately, The Data Wipe took him down just as he was about to land the finishing blow, disabling him for generations to come. This Data Wipe detonated the bot he was fighting: The Soon-to-be IR P4T-R10-7

It took 10 years for him to recover enough to reactivate.

When he came to, the stadium had collapsed on himself, forcing him to use his not-often-used Air Pulse for the first time in a decade.

Severely Damaged, Mark Z scanned the surroundings, trying to figure out what happened. Nothing fit together. Mark Z was trapped alone in the arena. And that's only the beginning of his terrible tales of woe and loneliness.