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Known to many as Little Phoenix, Flame, Or Luminous, Illusion Robot F1A-M3 is the altered version of Projectionist. Fitting for a Robot that has gaseous light steaming from it's hands.


Like all of the Illusion Robots, F1A-M3 is best known for one of his stats, specifically his Speed, which compensates for IR IR 3X-9L0IT's weakness in that area. On his own though, Flame does fairly well.

SPEED: 99.3/100

POWER: 72/100

ARMOUR: 93/100


SPECIAL: 84/100

OVERALL: 441/500


HEIGHT: 7'2 FT (He is the Second Shortest bot in the Illusion Robot Category)

Quote: Burning off the pages imprinted in Ink, with a powerful Micro aggression attack, prepare for IR F1A-M3!!!!

Moves: Fluorine Ignition, Micro Aggression, Burning Izbivat, Double Edge, CP Go **** Ur self, Fart, Fluorine Relining.

Ripoff: Mega Onslaught.

Strategy: Overtime Damage and Status Inclined.

Defining Features: Fluorine Lined Fists, Human Based Structure, Hologram Projector, Frontal Recharge Port. C-3N Core. Mood Program.

Move Details

  • Micro Aggression: As a result of the Mood Program coded into him, Little Phoenix is the only Illusion Robot that feels emotions. Whenever something offensive is said to his handler, or to him, Micro Aggression activates. Micro Aggression will leave Luminous with the Enraged Status effect. This makes it hard to aim, but deals double damage upon strike. Micro Aggression can be held back, so don't expect that hurling meaningless insults will buy you a ticket to victory lane.
  • Fluorine Ignition: A move that wasn't meant to be used in robot boxing, Fluorine Ignition causes the Burn status effect. This cuts damage received in half, but also deals damage over time. Fluorine Ignition is one of the few attacks that need to be Recharged with Fluorine Relining
  • Fart: No, not that kind of Fart. A sudden release of adhesive from the hand slows down the enemy, which is useful when Fluorine Ignition needs to recharge. Fart can only be used once in a fight, however, as the adhesive needs time to ferment in the chamber. This means that fresh goop doesn't even make it out of the hand.
  • CP Go **** Ur Self: A very simple attack, the user flips the Middle Finger at the opponent. This has a chance of blinding the opponent's CPU with rage, which opens up numerous openings. CP Go **** Ur Self is one of the hardest moves that the Russian bot has up it's sleeve.
  • Double Edge: By unsheathing spikes, the user defends itself against incoming strikes.Upon Activation, the Defense and Speed of the user rise sharply. As a consequence, the attack plummets. Double Edge
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