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Illusion Robot 4b-S0RD, Better known as Black Shuck, or Absorb, is the altered robot created from the Incarnate blueprints from the Illusion of Living. He is known for his ability to drain power every time his dreaded Energy Vampire move makes contact, thus making him deadly. His only weakness? Ragnarok's Shadow Grab can easily nullify this attack's ill effects.

SPEED: 89/100

POWER: 100/100

ARMOUR: 93/100


SPECIAL: 74/100

OVERALL: 441/500


HEIGHT: 8'4 FT (Slightly taller than Ragnarok)

Quote: Call him Black Shuck, or Absorb. This Robot is no one to mess with. Prepare for: IR 4B-S0RD!!!!!!!!!

Moves: Energy Vampire, Hell's Core, Recharge, Flying Tornado, Hell Kick, Blaze Uppercut, Submission, Identify, Penta Shot,.

Strategy: Status and Damage Inclined

Defining Features: SMA-21 Armor, Titanium, and Wurtzite Boron Nitride alloy. Self Charging US4 Core. Quadruple retinal scanners. Jump Jets (For extra height in jumping attacks). Anti-magnetized Armor

Ripoff: Deadly Dive.

Move Details

  • Energy Vampire: Absorb strikes the torso a few times, then uses its spiky armor to pierce power coupling. This move steals away energy for use.
  • Identify: Using it's 4 eyes, Absorb can identify the target. This does nothing for battle but improves Absorb's defense or offense, in case of a Rematch.
  • Submission: A merciful move, Submission forces the opponent to accept the fact they are not ready for battle. This saves the annoyance having to beat up a weaker robot, but is way more power hungry than the other moves. Submission works by having the user grip the target into a nearly unbreakable hold. However, it will take a few tries to get a grip, especially with fragile speedsters.
  • Hell's Core: Overcharging the US4 Core causes Absorb's speed to double, at the cost of special. This gives Absorb an advantage, but takes up so much out of the user it can only be used once in a fight.
  • Blaze Uppercut: Extra power is directed to the left arm, and the user uppercuts to send their enemy flying. This move deals the Pressure Down status, which lowers power and speed, due to piston fluid being evaporated. However, Armor is not affected, nor is Special. Pressure will be restored after Interval.
  • Penta Shot: Absorb creates a hologram of a Pentagram. Against Automated bots, this does nothing except draw the attention away. Against robots that have a remote override, this causes the bot to flinch, leaving a very brief opening. This isn't supposed to do damage.
  • Hell Kick: There are two variations of the move. One is the Ground Hell Kick, which can trip up the opponent or knock them back. However, it only shines brightly when the Jump Jets are activated. Launching him a few feet off the ground, Aerial Hell Kick can deal MASSIVE Damage depending on the target's state. However, Aerial Hell Kick eats more energy, and if it misses, the user can tumble out of control and damage itself.
  • Recharge: Because of the strength of Black Shuck's attacks, it has a special move specifically for recharging the core. Absorb strikes the ground to throw off the opponent's attack, then performs Blaze Uppercut to deal the Pressure Down. The combined effect causes the enemy to lose it's directional sense, giving Absorb enough time to recharge it's core.
  • Flying Tornado: A Juggle move, Flying Tornado keeps the opponent up in the air by repeated uppercuts and Hell Kick. If the user decides to end the chain, Absorb grabs the enemies face and throws it to the ground.
  • Deadly Dive: One of the most deadly and energy draining attacks, Absorb flies to the limit his jump jets can take him, then uses Hell Kick. However, It's also combined with Penta Shot and Blaze Uppercut to create a very powerful dive attack that can literally cost an arm and a leg. Deadly Dive, however, deals the Piston Leak status to both user and victim. Piston Leak deals damage to the robot's ability to move, making it easier to attack. No other known Rip off can deal the Piston Leak effect.

Sp. Features

  • Anti Magnetized Armor: The Armor that Absorb has does not respond to Magnets, which means that Paladin is at a disadvantage. However, Anti Magnetized Armor also means it's expensive to repair.
  • Jump Jets: Attached to it's back and Legs, Absorb can jump higher and even FLY to land aerial attacks. The Jump Jets grow weaker against magnetic forces, so Paladin has some of the odds in his favor. Apparently, traces of Jump Jet Fuel were found near the Centurion Transport
  • US4 Core: Stolen from a transport, the year before The Centurion theft. This Experimental Power Core appears as a regular crystal. However, once it senses an electrical charge, it glows with a lava red hue. The light is strong enough to blind some people upon activation. The core is experimental, and thus highly dangerous. If the crystal breaks, any electrical energy stored in it is unleashed in a violent wave of energy that destroys the damage dealer and user of the core.


File 1: Victory to Aquabot

Scanning internal memory...

Visual file located... Scanning for Audio

Audio file located. Merging...

Merge Successful. Transcribing user authorization

Code: IR N1-l3G00 Found. Preparing match up with any encrypted files

Successful. Playing Footage

The screen of Janise Keri's Laptop opens to one of the Crash Palace Robots. It's opponent appeared to be Aquabot, a familiar boxer that loved to be wiped on the floor.

The footage cuts to IR 4B-S0RD's overview. None of the stats seem to match up correctly, as the visual glitches. Janise observes the fight as Absorb grabs Aquabot in a hold, then bashes it severely and uppercuts it. "Hey... I recognize that move. Isn't that... Blaze Uppercut?" She mumbled as she watched the bot takedown Aquabot. The fight continued as normal. Until...

<Now recording Live Event>

Black Shuck Struck with rage against the Crash Palace Robot. This fight was about to end EXTREMLY Quickly, Even for Aquabot's standards. He wasn't ready to give up. He used his special, which did equal damage to the challenger. Not good enough, for he was grabbed and launched into a Deadly Dive. He was taken as far as the Crash Palace Roof would hold, then thrown to the floor! Absorb pointed thrusters downward, and Hell Kick erupted. The leg pierced through Aquabot's brittle armor, wires flew everywhere. Looks like Aqua Bot needs a warranty!

<File Cut>


  • Absorb was involved in the theft of Centurion.
    • Two other Illusion Robots were involved: IR F1A-M3 and IR D15-48L3.
    • This means that Absorb either threw the truck off course with it's jump jets, or killed the driver with Deadly Dive.
  • Absorb's power links up PERFECTLY with F1A-M3's speed.
  • Absorb is the only IR Robot that is capable of killing.
  • While strong, Absorb is one of the very few robots that CANNOT Be upgraded. This is due to his confusing program, and one of a kind code.
  • The only thing about Absorb that makes him way more deadly than the Illusion Robot BL4K - PH4NT03 is the fact that Absorb has the Attack out of all the Illusion Robots.
    • The only robot that can stand up to him is the Valhalla Alternate: Ragnarok.
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