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Vital statistics
Title the lightning fist
Generation 2
Bot Type Fragile Speedster
Status Working



BOT TYPE: Fragile Speedster


IDA-TEN is a second generation robot. Though his design is somewhat outdated, resembling the human boxers, he and his brethren were meant to replace, he can still pack a punch. After being refitted with newer parts and a fine-tuning, he has joined the current Underworld roster. He is placed in the second stage roster because of his combo-generating abilities. Just don't let him get into a rhythm.

Real Steel Game

His combos can be deadly, so don't let him stretch out the rounds. Concentrate on either his arms or head, as an AKO would be the quickest route to victory. With the proper build, a head-destroying AKO is quite possible before the first two rounds are over. The fight with IDA-TEN consists of seven one-minute rounds. He tries to land as many punches in the 1 minute rounds. He dodges more then he blocks and he punches fast so watch out when he dodges.


This bot resembles a somewhat paunchy boxer, with red face-guard and gloves. As a practical matter, its a more defensive build of the starting speedster bot.


  • His name (pronounced ee-duh-ten) is based off a Buddhist deity who is renowned for speed. IDA-TEN was so named because of his lightning-fast punches.
  • He is very patriotic.