Name: Hypernova

Title: The Cosmic Queen

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online



Hypernova is the "oldest", strongest and most powerful one of all the Nova Siblings. If she fought any of her brothers, she would easily win the fight. Despite being the newest one of all the team, she's considered the oldest sibling for having the most advanced technology of all the team and being the strongest one of all. She and her brothers were created and are owned by the same person, although it's still unknown who they are or where they come from. Just like her brothers, Hypernova has fought all around the world in Underworld and WRB arenas. She outmatches Ultranova, Meganova and Supernova in every aspect.

Announcer's Quote: "She's the space sovereign! The Cosmic Queen! Kneel to Hypernova!"


Health: 25782

Attack: 1941

Critical: 8709

Special: 4003

RGN: 2970

Boost: Double Damage



Origin: Unknown

Ability: Reconstruction

Weight: 330 kg

Height: 2.40 meters

Feature: Sharp Armor Design

Element: Electricity

Special Moves:

1.- War Crime (Original)

2.- Super War Crime (Super Obsidian Strike)

3.- Ultra War Crime (Ultra Dragon Rage)



Hypernova is the strongest and most powerful one of the Nova Siblings, and despite being the newest one, she's considered the oldest sibling. She has sharp blades on her shoulders reminiscent to axes, she also has clawed fingers which enormously increase damage even with a non-fisted hand attack. She has "cannons" on her forearms and red lights throughout her body. She's mostly painted in black and gray with red trimmings. Her feet are practically flat and she has pointy spikes on her lower legs. Her face seems to have a mask. She's the second tallest sibling, the tallest one being Ultranova, but she still outmatches all of her brothers in strength, power and speed. She has fought all over the world against clandestine and pro robots in the Underworld and the WRB, even getting to defeat Zeus, Asura and Tri-Gore, with Drago's defeat as her next goal, for she hasn't fought him yet. She has teamed up with other robots like Lothar Shock, Gun Hammer and Atom Prime Frost in tag team 2v2 and 3v3 fights. She is the only one of all the team who hasn't lost a single fight, with a 35-0 carrer so far, only ending one match in draw with Hollow War. She's created to be the next WRB and Champions tournaments' champion.



Head: Atom Prime (Elements Electricity Grade)

Torso: Atom Prime (Elements Electricity Grade)

Right Arm: Drago (Elements Electricity Grade)

Left Arm: Drago (Elements Electricity Grade)

Right Leg: Aztec (Elements Electricity Grade)

Left Leg: Aztec (Elements Electricity Grade)



Intro: Twin Cities

Heavy Attacks: Jawbreaker, Power Jab, Spin Slash, Sidewinder

Special Move: Obsidian Strike

Finisher: Drago

Win: Twin Cities


Base: Black 3

Body: Black 1

Accent: Red 1



  • Despite not looking like a girl, Hypernova is referred to as a "she".
  • She's taller than Aztec but shorter than Ultranova.
  • She's only tied in one match in her entire career.
  • She's never lost to any robot.
  • Gold robots seem to piss her off since she becomes more violent than usual when fighting a Gold robot.
  • She's like Zeus in his gold times, for she walks out of fights with no damage on any part of her body other than slight scratches on her fists.
  • She's been the mascot for several Anti-Violence Against Women and feminist events.
  • Her fans ship her with Phantom and Spectre.
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