"Get ready for some Bull Throwing action!" - Announcer


Vital statistics
Title Thrashing Fury, Gold Thunder
Generation X
Bot Type Animal
Status Alive

NAME: Hurricane, "The Thrashing Fury"

BOT TYPE: Animal

HANDLER: Pablo Jimenez


Overall Stats

Strength: 65/100 (2YO)

Speed: 55/100 (2YO)

Armour: 45/100 (2YO)

Intelligence: 5/100 (2YO)

Special Moves: 15/100 (2YO)

Total Battle Rating: -

Made in: Mexico

Signature Moves:

"Hurricane charge" : it's a normal charge except that it's Hurricane that does it.. 

"Hurricane kick" : yup, exactly what it says.. 

"Hurricane slam" : Hurricane likes to stand upright and slam his whole body weight into Bots opponents to topple them over. Whether it's a legitimate fighting move or if he's just trying to rape them is still a mystery.. 

Specialties: Fighting against light and fragile opponents that he can crush.

Weight: 1800 pounds (2 YO)


After the success of Black Thunder in small fair fights against sub-par robots, a Mexican genetic engineer that does not like robots decided to create a bull that could really compete against the big deal and show the superiority of real muscles over machines..

Black Thunder had the ability as an animal life form to become physically stronger by growing muscles but the Black bull's career couldn't last because of the lasting effects of each wounds no matter how tough he is..

So Pablo, the genetic engineer decided to create Hurricane with an enhanced healing factor to heal broken bones faster, and create more muscle mass out of destroyed muscles fibers, basically negating the lasting effects of each fights to allow Hurricane to become stronger with each fights, rather than be weakened by the lasting effects, even in case of violent defeat as long as he isn't killed.


Hurricane 2YO vs Black Thunder : Loss (+2 intell +1 strength +1 armour +2 special moves)


Chapter 1 : Meeting with a legend

Pablo had enlisted Hurricane in the baddest of the bull competition.

This year Black Thunder didn't participate, he sure was still one of the strongest bulls, but it wasn't just a contest of strength, it was a contest of fury and after years of fighting experience and age, Black Thunder didn't have much left of his youthful fury, now he was more of a sturdy wall left in the wake of many a scrapped bots and broken bulls. Yet he was there shown off for glory and memory. Hurricane, was presented as a given successor both in ambitions and stature, Pablo made sure of it, and despite being the youngest bull of the competition managed to rank 2nd as did the Black legend few years prior.

And Pablo used the opportunity when he got the mic to present his bull to challenge the legend..

The owner could have refused, not take the risk, Pablo would have been humiliated enough with a public refusal but he was a player (and well he was bribed enough to make sure he'd accept) and the match was set as a bonus attraction for the crowd's enjoyment.

There they were, both giant bulls, one calm and the other youthfully agitated, both had tip cap on their horns to prevent fatal goring.

Hurricane wasted no time, he lowered his head and charged at once, Black Thunder just waited, waited until the last moment, then the experienced bull broke the charge with a precise horn trick to deflect most of the charge power on a few vertebrae in the neck of his young rival..

The young bull fell, dizzy and Black thunder showed he still had a bit of fury in him.

He started to carry the dizzy youth on his head as if Hurricane nigh 1 ton of weigh was nothing to him parading around the ring and showing off the belly of his rival to the crowd then he threw him outside of the ring and into the crowd..

It was Hurricane's first defeat.

Chapter 2 : No mashed potato, Pablita!

(Dialogues are translated from Spanish)

"Daddy! it's my birthday! I am 6 years old! I want a horse"

"A Horse, darling?"

"Hmm hmm that's right a horse!"

"And how do you plan on taming a horse?"

"I'll punch him really hard! like I do with your monsters."

"But my creations were stronger than horses and you utterly annihilated them with your little fists"

"Ow that's right.. If I kill Mr.Neigh, riding a dead body isn't very fun I guess. You could make a really strong one like you did to me!"

"That's out of the question, darling, it costs 10 of millions of Dollars for one like you, The mafia paid for you, I managed to frame the cost on some other creation and they were satisfied but I can't just do that over and over again. There's a possibility though for you to not kill Mr.Neigh, it's called restrain, you can control the strength I gave you and I have the perfect training partner for you, Come with me.."

She followed him to the "Vivarium", a place where he kept all of his chimeras except of course the one he considered his daughter. Inside was a makeshift bullring where Pablita had faced against some of the monsters her father had created to test what high regenerative power meant in practice.

"We'll play a little game, the rules are simple : break you can break whatever you want, but you need to be careful not to destroy what's inside, exemple you can break his skull but don't make mashed potato out of his brain, get it?"

"I'm so excited! please tell me he's a horse! a Nice beautiful elegant horse!"

Pablo pressed a button and a huge blond bull rushed into the ring, snorted and clawing the ground with his hooves.

"A stinky, ugly bull! Daaa!! I hate bulls! they look stupid!"

"That's your opinion darling, besides this bull has the highest healing factor I've been able to create and is a perfect friend for you to learn to be gentle so that you don't hurt Mr.Neigh when I buy him.. You don't want to hurt Mr. Neigh, do you?"

She pouted..


"No mashed potato, I get it!"

She entered the ring ready to throw down, she was in a bad mood.

"And remember, break slightly and EVENLY every part of his body (I wouldn't want him to have weaknesses) it's important that you get to learn about how his anatomy reacts to your strength because Mr.Neigh's body will be very much alike"

"What!? No I want a beautiful horse, it must be nothing alike the ugly .."

She couldn't finish her sentence as the beast she was insulted had charged her and pinned her to the wall, trying to crush her with his head.

"Ugly! Bad! Bull!"

She slammed both her hands downwards into his skull, shattering it.

Blood squirted from his eyes, mouth, nose and ears as he fell on the ground and convulsed as if he was dying..

"Daa! you ugly bull's already dead!"

"Nah don't worry darling, just remember : no mashed potato.. you can keep training with the rest of his body while his head fix itself."

She started with the annoying legs that kept kicking aimlessly, breaking one like a twig..

Pablo coughed to ge her attention : "Restraint, Darling!"

She wondered for a moment, then took the other hind leg and broke it slowly to prevent the bone from protruding, the tissues and muscles to be tore apart and the beast to loose to much blood. She looked at her father for a hint and he gave her a thumb up.

Then she looked at the wimpering bull lying helplessly in front of her and saw his balls, then remembered :

"NO mashed potato!"..

She looked disappointed.

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