Intro: "Here is the Humanized Bot, Homo... SAPIEN!"

Special Parts:

Moving: Homosapien moves by its own.

Maximed Crunch Pistons: Homosapien's attack moves usually involve crunching, making the enemy staggered a little bit because of pistons.

"Talking": Homosapien's taunts have human noises (It's Jack's voice recording in the voice box).

Shadow Function: Same as Atom's, Homosapien can mimic Jack's moves.

Intro, Taunt, and Win:

intro: Homosapien walks into the arena, and does the fighting stance, and airpunches the air (5 times with his left hand, and 5 with his right).

Taunt: It "says", "Come at me!"

Win: Homosapien grabs the head, and shows it to everyone.


Strength: 100/100 (formerly 50/100)

Defense: 90/100 (formely 60/100)

Speed: 90/100 (formerly 40/100)

Intellegence: 100/100 (formerly 0/100, because Jack uses a console at that time).

Signature Moves:

Knock-Out (Rip Off): Homosapien punches the enemy (at the same time spinning), knocking the oppenent down. When they try to get up and punch, Homosapien puts its hand out, backhand jabbing the oppenent's head HARD (without looking :P), ripping their head.

Throw-Punch (SP): Homosapien holds the enemy up, throws them to the ropes in front, and lunge at them, punching them like a madman.

Megacrunch (Normal Move): Homosapien crunches the enemie's you-know-where, and then crunches their face.

Kickcrunch (Normal Move): Homosapien jumps then puts its foot in the enemie's face, and the leg pistons make it stronger, knocking the opponent to the ropes.

Story Time! :D

Once Jack went to the junkyard to see if he can get some bots, then he saw a rusted bot with the names "Homo". Jack decided to take it home to wash and check, and to his surprise, it was actually "Homosapien"! Jack thinks this is a good bot and takes it to fight. First it will fight Aquabot.

Homosapien in the Junk

Homosapien when found in the junk.

Chapter 1: Aquabot

Homosapien was strong for a dusty, junk bot, and it finished off Aquabot pretty quick.

Aquabot missed a punch and Homosapien crunches it, knocking some of its armor off.

Aquabot then eats Homosapien's leg (means that Aquabot got kicked in the face by Homosapien), which knocks out the weak Aquabot.

Homosapiens WINS!

Chapter 2: Invited by the Gold Blooded Killer

Once Jack was just trying to get the dust off Homosapien until he got an invitation from Artie to fight.

"Meet me at the Crash Palace. Bring Homo."

Jack knews Homosapien isn't strong to Midas but he goes anyway.

Once he got there he saw just Artie at first. Then, Midas jumped down, wanting to fight.

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