Name: Hollow War

Title: The Nightmarish Killer

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online



Hollow War was created by Erik Hernandez in Mexico after Hollow Jack and Bio War were destroyed by Fiend and Crimson Carnage in a 2v2 fight in the Mexico City's WRB arena. He's an Underworld warrior by nature, although he has been invited to the WRB tournaments several times, with Erik obviously following the rules in order to be accepted in the tournaments and not being kicked out. Despite being extremely strong and powerful, he has never fought Drago or Tri-Gore since their creators don't wanna fight him for some still unknown reason, but he has fought and defeated Asura and Zeus. Hollow War's tech is extremely advanced to the point that he is autonomous like Zeus and practically sentient like Atom.

Announcer's Quote: "He's the fighting terror straight from your nightmares! The Nightmarish Killer! Here's Hollow War!"



Armor: 70/100

Power: 90/100

Speed: 70/100

RS Champions

Health: 4003 - 25782

Attack: 303 - 1941

Critical: 1324 - 8709

Special: 613 - 4003

RGN 2 - 5: 421 - 2970

Boost: Double Damage


HW 001

Origin: Mexico

Ability: Reconstruction - Rupture

Weight: 350 kg

Height: 2.50 meters

Feature: Bio-Tech Hybridism

Element: Ice

Special Moves:

1.- Vengeance (Original)

2.- Super Vengeance (Original)

3.- Hyper Vengeance (Original)


HW 002

Since he's a hybrid of other two pre-existing robots, Hollow War resembles both Hollow Jack and Bio War. However, because of the name and the assembly, Hollow War seems to be more reminiscent to Hollow Jack than Bio War. He has Hollow Jack's head, right arm and left leg, and Bio War's torso, left arm and right leg, these last two having some upgrades that make them different to the original ones. All the Hollow Jack parts are on their Stage 7 look. The only part on its base form is Bio War's torso. His color combo is: Green 3 for the Base, Black 3 for the Body and Gold 3 for the Accent. His Intro, Rip Off and Win moves are based on Fiend's, and his heavy attacks are the Jawbreaker, High Kick, Sidewinder and Gut Cruncher. He has the Ice element when maxed up. Hollow War has fought in the Underworld and the WRB, having a 42-0 career so far. Hollow has fought not only in Mexico, but all around the world in countries like USA, Italy, Russia, Germany, England and Ireland. He is a pretty common face to see in both Underworld and WRB fights, and the crowds seem to just love how versatile his fighting style is. Hollow even has his own Hasbro and Funko merchandise series, and he's been used for anti-bullying and gender equality propaganda since Erik is pretty open-minded. He has teamed up with Gaby and Technoboy in 3v3 fights, in a team known as "The Hybrid Warriors", and also Hypernova and Hadez in the "Hybrid Allies" team.


HW 003

Head: Hollow Jack (Silver Grade)

Torso: Bio War (Bronze Grade)

Right Arm: Hollow Jack (Silver Grade)

Left Arm: Bio War (Silver Grade)

Right Leg: Bio War (Silver Grade)

Left Leg: Hollow Jack (Silver Grade)


HW 004

Intro: Blac Jac

Heavy Attacks: Jaw Breaker, Sidewinder, High Kick, Gut Cruncher

Special Move: Nuke Knockdown

Finisher: Noisy Boy

Win: Blac Jac


Base: Green 3

Body: Black 3

Accent: Gold 3



  • Hollow War has a Hyper SP instead of an Ultra SP since Erik believes that "Hyper" sounds more badass and powerful than "Ultra".
  • He's a bio-tech hybrid. That means his circuits are linked to Erik's nervous system, which allows Hollow to imitate Erik's fight moves like Atom even when not looking at him.
  • His name is a combination between the two robots' names. "Hollow" from "Hollow Jack" and "War" from "Bio War".
  • He can rotate both of his fists.
  • Hollow War is referred to as a "him" instead of "it" due Erik insisting in calling him that way.
  • Erik usually paints Hollow with a Black 3, Black 1, Red 1; or a Black 3, Red 3, Red 1 paint for his tournament fights.
  • The first alternate paint job mentioned is called "Vengeful", while the second one is called "Bloodthirsty".
  • If Hollow War is painted in his Bloodthirsty colors he'll be more merciless and will fight dirtier than in his Vengeful colors.
  • On patriotic mexican days (September 16th, May 5th, etc), Erik paints Hollow with the mexican flag's colors: Green 3, White 1 and Red 1.
  • Hollow uses his Vengeful and Bloodthirsty colors only in the Underworld's tournaments. In the WRB tournaments he uses his "Hyper Hybrid" colors: Black 3, Green 3 and Gold 3.
  • His Hyper Hybrid colors are practically the same as his average colors, only the green and black change places.
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