This Is A Story Of a Real Steel Robot Called Hindlock . Hindlock Started Of As A Old Destroyed Robot He Was Found By A Father And a Boy Called Charlie & Paul Townsend They Both Dragged It Back To There House There Mum And Younger Brother Were So Pleased We Can Finally Get Money Now Paul Said Next Morning They Went Out And Fought AquaBot He Knocked Him Out In The First Round But Now We Should Get Into The Stats Speed 100/100 Strength 87/100 Stamina 100/100 Total Rating 8893/9999 Next He Fought Midas , Sixshooter ,Metro And Noisy Boy And Then He Had A Total Of 1.2M£ And Then Fought Twin cities And Won In The Third Round And Got 750K From That Fight And Then Fought Zeus And Won Then Fought Atom, Asaura, Tri-Gore ,Gamma , Twister , Diablo,Major steel, DJElectrix And Now Had 25M£ The End Vital Statistics Generation 7 Bot Type Game Breaker Level 8 NickName The Steel Horror

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