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Sent from Olympus, here’s the fleet-footed Messenger from the Gods...Bow down to Hermes!”-Announcer Quote

Name: Hermes, “The Messenger from the Gods”, “Escort to the Underworld”

Generation: Any(Adaptation X-3200 Motherboard allows for hookup and move adaptation to any remote)

Weight: 364 Lb.

Height: 8”10 1/2’

Bot Type: Fragile Speedster/Glass Cannon

Owner/Handler: August R. (That’s me!)

Special Features:

Adaptation X-3200 Motherboard: Allows Hermes to connect to any controller (with a bit of work)just in case controller is out of commission

“Moony” Leg/Arm Pistons: Similar to Zeus’ arm pistons, these are operated by super-pressurized air


Spring-Kick: Hermes jumps, and then kicks the opponent’s head/back. Doubles as a rip-off if necessary.

Asteroid Punch: Hermes jumps and punches opponent’s chest/head area. Less risky, but deals less damage. Also doubles as a rip-off.

Escort to the Underworld: Rip-off where Hermes kicks the opponent down from behind, and stomps on the head twice while they are down. He then proceeds to pull off their right arm and head with his hands while pushing them down with one of his legs.


Overall Stats:

Stength: 80/100

Speed: 97/100

Armor: 25/100

Special: 75/100

Intelligence: 80/100


August had just finished building his bot, Hermes, after almost a year of gathering parts from destroyed robots and putting them together. All he wanted to do now was try out his creation. August remembered seeing an article about Bluebot, “the weakest ‘bot at CrashPalace”. He went over to ask about a fight, and the owner of Bluebot accepted. The fight would take place immediately.

The First Fight

As the match began, August remembered the practice he had done with Hermes. He ordered Hermes to attack with a low hook, and then kick Bluebot’s leg. This caused Blue to fall to the ground. “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!” Bluebot was down for the count. August was awarded with 500 dollars.

Block Busted

August appreciated the warmup, but he wanted a challenge. That was why he had signed up for a fight against Blockbuster. As the match started, Hermes, ran toward the enemy. Surprised, Blockbuster threw a one-two and a haymaker at Hermes. Hermes dodged, and jumped over Blockbuster while aiming a kick. August would later call this move simply “Spring-Kick”. Hermes was about to kick when Blockbuster realized where Hermes was and dodged. Hermes fell to the ground with a thud. “1! 2!” Ding! The bell sounded, and Hermes was ushered into the corner by August. As the interval ended, August just barely managed to repair Hermes’ right leg. As the round started, Hermes seemingly prepared to jump. Blockbuster anticipated this, and looked up. Instead, Hermes pushed forwards and kicked Blockbuster as hard as he could. Blockbuster fell to the ground, and the count began. On 7 Blockbuster started to get up, but Hermes simply kicked him in the face, and he was down permanently. August won 1500$ and an older version of Blockbuster’s legs for defeating him. After the fight, he installed parts of Blockbuster‘s not only for leg power, but for a bit of extra armor, too.

Zoo Fight

August was nervous. He was about to fight Metro, the “Frankenstein’s Monster of the Ring”. If he lost, he could lose an important piece of his robot. However, if he won, he could fight Hollow Jack, or even Midas. He decided not to quit. The prize money was large-about $7500, they had said. As the match started, Metro approached Hermes. Hermes quickly jumped up and used a move he had been working on for a while, called Asteroid Punch. It worked, and Metro staggered back. As Hermes dashed towards him, he threw an uppercut to Hermes’ chest. It connected, and Hermes was down. On 5, Hermes suddenly got back up and used Asteroid Punch again on Metro. This time, his head was smashed. He fell down, and the count finished. The fight was over. August won the agreed-upon $7500.

No Cheating

Hermes’ next fight was against Hollow Jack. As August was getting ready for the fight, Hermes started to move a bit on his own. August quickly realized that someone was using Hermes’ Adaptation motherboard in reverse. He walked around CrashPalace and looked for someone who was using a controller. August realized the owner of Hollow Jack was using another controller. As he approached the owner to ask him something, the owner punched him in the face and ran as fast as he could out of CrashPalace. Of course, he was caught, but the fight had to be cancelled. Well, right on to Midas, August thought.

The Messenger vs. the King

As the bell sounded, Midas and Hermes ran to each other. Hermes pulled of a haymaker, and Midas was hit. While he was stunned, Hermes threw a hook, a jab, and another haymaker. Midas was knocked down. Hermes pulled off his rip-off, Escort to the Underworld. But, just as he was about to be destroyed, Midas slipped out from underneath Hermes. He grabbed him, and kneed him twice. Midas then head butted Hermes. Hermes fell to the ground. “1! 2! 3!” Hermes got up, and used Spring-Kick. That, unexpectedly, tore Midas’ head off. Although Artie Bakker was furious, August had won the fight. He was awarded with $10000 and an invitation to an exhibition match.


August’s next match was against Albino. Winning would get him into the WRB. The bell sounded, but the two robots were just defending. Hermes finally decided to attack. He tried to do Spring-Kick, but Albino moved his head forwards, avoiding the kick. Hermes landed, and swept Albino‘s feet out from underneath him. Albino got up on 3, but was met with a barrage of punches. He fell down again. This time, he stayed down.

Into the WRB

After the Albino fight, August needed to install a few repairs. He went to the Pacific Islands for a month and, in that time, repaired Hermes and added a slight upgrade to the pressure of the air able to be used. In other words, Hermes could jump higher. That’s all. Anyways, when August returned, he discovered that his first official fight in the WRB would be against Gridlock.


Gridlock rushed towards Hermes. He quickly landed multiple jabs on Hermes’ chest, and then threw a decoy haymaker. Hermes dodged, which was exactly what Gridlock wanted. Gridlock kicked Hermes twice, and then threw a downwards hook. The count started. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!” Hermes was finished. August lost $2500.

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