Hercules MK 1 is a Zeus prototype bot created by Tak Mashito.

Hercules MK 1

Generation: 3

Type: Brawler

Weight: 2670

Size: 10 1/2 feet

Nickname(s): the Strongbot, the Living Legend, the Brawler King

Intro: He's the strongest there is, lift some weights for... HERCULES!!!!!

Origin: Japan


Hercules MK 1 was a prototype robot built solely for brute strength. He's very dumb and very slow, but in his test fights he never got above OHKO. Tak realized he was onto something and built Hercules MK 2 as an even better version of Hercules. Conner Crater noticed the bots when he visited TakLabs in Japan and watched Hercules destroy one sparring bot after another. He made a bet with Tak that if one of his own bots could beat Tak's Noisy Boy, Conner would win all of Tak's current bots, including the Zeus prototypes(Zeus wasn't made yet). He used a random bot called Rubicon that he had bought 2 days ago, and beat Noisy Boy with a lucky punch. He won Ninjastyle MK 1/MK 2, Noisy Boy, Athena, Composite, and the prizes, Hercules MK 1/MK 2. He took the bots home, sold Noisy Boy, and began to work on Hercules MK 2. He didn't need Hercules MK 1 anymore, so he sold him too.

Hercules MK 2

See Hercules MK 1 for stats.


After selling H MK 1, Conner upgraded Hercules to be even more powerful. He decided not to use him in the fight team he was forming because H MK 1 was too slow and dumb, but he used another Tak bot: Composite, for the fight team. He began to enter underworld fights and won all of them so far. He also used him to excavate and demolish junk piles when he went looking for bots in the junkyards. Hercules became one of Conner's most successful WRB fighters.


Hercules MK 1

SlaughterBot MK 2 test fights: ALL WIN

Proton-class test fights: ALL WIN

(after sold)

Metro win

Rubicon loss

Rubicon(rematch) win

Six Shooter narrow win

Ambush win

Uno(bought) win

Noisy Boy narrow win

Excavator loss

Excavator(rematch) win

Twin Cities draw

Twin Cities(rematch) win

Touchdown win

Zeus SEVERE loss

Hercules MK 2

SlaughterBot MK 2 test fights: ALL WIN

Proton-class test fights: ALL WIN

Aquabot win

Bluebot win

Throttle win

Barby-Qd win

Predator win

Albino(bought) win

Croc win

Minotaur win

Slicer win

Midas win

Metro win

Camelot win

Twin Cities win

Excavator draw

Excavator(rematch) loss

Excavator(rematch) win

Zeus SEVERE loss

Thor loss

Thor(rematch) win

Power win

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