Name: Hadez

Title: The King of the Underworld

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online



A dirty fighter by nature known in the Underworld all around the world. His owner usually pays to use the Panoramic Center WRB arena for his fights, which explains his fame all around the world even in the countries he hasn't fought in. With a head very reminiscent to Hollow Jack's, arms like Cardinal Chaos's and legs inspired on Tackle's, this robot is a threat to any other bot that stands in his way to defeat Midas and officially reclaim his crown as the King of the Underworld. It's known he comes form Greece, but it's unknown who is his owner since he never talks and is always using a mask that covers half of his face, only revealing his eyes, and a black hoodie. He has rejected several invitations to official WRB fights against robots like Zeus, Asura and Tri-Gore for he knows he wouldn't be allowed to use his dirty fighting style, besides the fact that he HATES the WRB just like Artie Bakker does.


Health: 8384

Attack: 603

Critical: 2028

Special: 1244 

RGN-3: 917

Boost: Full Health



Origin: Greece

Ability: Vampire Health - Degeneration

Weight: 340 kg

Height: 2.50 meters

Feature: Ruby Armor Shell

Special Moves:

1.- Tartarus (Original)

2.- Super Tartarus (Original)

3.- Hyper Tartarus (Original)



Hadez is very reminiscent to several robots like Hollow Jack, Cardinal Chaos and Tackle since most of his parts were inspired on them. He has a bulky torso which totally covers his neck inspired on Juggernaut's. Despite his semi-bulky assembly, he is really fast and strong, being able to defeat every robot he has fought in the Underworld with a carreer of 10 wins to 0 loses. He has a very dirty fighting style, combining street fighting with dirty boxing and wrestling. He uses as many parts of his body as he can, including elbows, knees and even his sharp head blades. His rip off move is quite brutal; he hits his opponent in the head as many times and as hard as possible in a lapse of five seconds, this heavily stuns the opponent making them uncapable to respond to their owners' commands, then Hadez makes them kneel with a double slam to their shoulders, steps on their right arm (usually breaking it or disabling it) and then rips their head off. His fans think he would be a great enemy for Midas and Metro. He and Hollow War have wanted to fight each other for quite a while now, but Erik and Hadez's owner (usually referred to as "H" by his fans) haven't organized a fight yet. Hadez hasn't fought any of the Nova Siblings either.



Head: Hollow Jack (Gold Grade)

Torso: Juggernaut (Platinum Grade)

Right Arm: Noisy Boy (Gold Grade)

Left Arm: Noisy Boy (Gold Grade)

Right Leg: Touch Down (Silver Grade)

Left Leg: Touch Down (Silver Grade)



Intro: Twin Cities

Heavy Attacks: Jaw Breaker, High Kick, Power Jab, Sidewinder

Special Move: Poker Face

Finisher: Excavator

Win: Twin Cities


Base: Red 3

Body: Black 3

Accent: Orange 2



  • Despite having fought many robots in the Underworld, he has never fought Midas or Metro.
  • H has never accepted and is unlikely he accepts an invitation to a WRB fight.
  • One of his easiest wins was against Six Shooter.
  • His hardest victory was against Gun Hammer.
  • H based Hadez's torso on Juggernaut's so it was extremely hard to rip his head off.
  • Hadez has never fought in a team fight.
  • His ruby armor shell adds extra protection but in a way it keeps being legal.
  • He has managed to lose one or two head blades in several fights.
  • He almost lost his face in a fight against Bio War Mark 2.
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