Name: Gunslinger


Type: Brawler

Title: 'The Warmonger of The Ring'

Generation: 3

Announcer's Quote: The warmonger of the ring.... Metal Valley has much to thank for......GUNSLINGER!!

Special Moves

Air Superiority: A move in which Gunslinger lands repeated uppercuts and then jumps up and delivers downward punches and a final slam

Endgame(aka H-Bomb): Gunslinger's Rip-Off. A massive kick to the torso,followed by superheated punches that melts the opponent's cranial structures and the torso

Phosphorus & Nalpalm: A move in which sends Gunslinger's Thermal Strike Superheater into overtime and melts varying parts of the opponent

Special Features

Thermal Strike Superheater: A Superheater that overheats Gunslinger's insulated fists and allows Gunslinger to melt the opponent

Modified Targeting System: A system which consists of a modified missile radar. Offers exteme precision when landing strikes


Gunslinger's prototype was a WW2 Hawker Hurricane combined with the earliest type of sparring bot, called Bombings aka RAF. The bot lost to MIdas, who was then a rookie bot, in Crash Palace, which had just finished construction. Then, it was trashed in Metal Valley, which was a ordinary junkyard back then. And he was forgotten and rusted, until a certain robot handler, named Lance Reynolds, tripped across his foot while trying to find wiring to get his bot MInerbot in selling shape. He was brought to Omega Club Workshop to be examined, and got the verdict: SCRAP METAL. However, Lance thought the idea was nice, and bought a small modern military hardware warehouse, and managed to move all the stuff to OCW, although Mark Hedhon wasn't thrilled about attack helicopters with live missiles landing on his front yard, or truckloads of explosives and missles let in into his workshop. However after, 9 months, $55500200,7 chances of firey apocalypse, 3 warnings from Mark, 2 minor explosions, and 33 melted tool sets later, Gunslinger was ready in fighting shape.

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