Name: Gun Hammer

Title: None

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Gun Hammer is the mini-boss from Region 2 in the Real Steel Champions game. He's the penultimate Region 2 opponent before Metro. Half of his parts are Bio War's, while both legs are Blockbuster's and the only part from Metro is his left arm. In the first version of the game, Gun Hammer had all his parts on their base form, however, when the Part Categories update was introduced, his parts were upgraded to Silver Grade. He is extremely tough for his region, and the player must be really careful not to let Gun Hammer corner them, otherwise, they'll most likely lose the fight

Announcer's Quote: "Here's Gun Hammer!"


Health: 2600

Attack: 245

Critical: 647

Special: 277

RGN-2: 306

Boost: Restore HP



Gun Hammer is made of several robot parts, however, he´s more reminiscent to Bio War more than any other robot since half of his body has Bio War parts (head, torso and right arm). He´s also got both Blockbuster's legs and Metro's sledgehammer left arm. He's the Region 2 mini-boss and the opponent prior to Metro. He has the Restore HP boost, which he only uses when his health is critically low. In the first versions of the game, Gun Hammer had all his parts on their base form, since there weren't Silver, Gold nor any other category for the parts back then. However, when the Elemental Update was introduced along with the Part Categories, all of Gun Hammer's parts were upgraded to Silver Grade. He may be a super-soldier-themed robot, for he's extremely bulky and "muscular" looking, besides his obvious military physical appearance. Despite being a lightning bruiser, he can also be qualified as a brawler, for his fighting style consists in cornering the player in order to defeat them.



Head: Bio War (Silver Grade)

Torso: Bio War (Sliver Grade)

Right Arm: Bio War (Silver Grade)

Left Arm: Metro (Silver Grade)

Right Leg: Blockbuster (Silver Grade)

Left Leg: Blockbuster (Silver Grade)



Intro: Bio War

Heavy Attacks: Flash Kick, Elbow Slam, Backhand Jab, Slam Kick

Special Move: Mime Punch

Finisher: Excavator

Win: Blac Jac


Base: Black 2

Body: Green Yellow 3

Accent: Gold 3



  • Gun Hammer is more reminiscent to Bio War than to any other robot, but only one of his moves is of Bio War, and that's his intro.
  • His sledgehammer is miscategorized, since it should be the Platinum grade one and Gun Hammer should have another version of Metro's hammer
  • His paint looks brighter in his Bronze phase
  • He's one of the easiest robots to recreate from the Story Mode
  • In his Silver Grade form, his left shoulder pad blocks most of his face at the end of his victory move
  • His moves selection make him use his left arm more than the right one
  • He's one of the toughest characters to beat if the player is not properly equipped or upgraded
  • If the player's robot is not properly equipped or upgraded, they will be easily defeated by Gun Hammer
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