Hk 47 template

Name: Ground Zero

Title: the Outlier, the exception

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Brawler

Status: Online


Having seen many battles in its lifetime, GZ is not the type of robot that can be easily knocked out. Its rusted and battered arms can push opponents back easily and its well armored torso and head allow GZ to endure many knock out blows.

Its outdated G2 system is starting to show its age but has a hidden advantage over newer bots. Due to its simpler core and parts, it is able to sustain power in the ring for hours on end, something newer G3 bots dont often show.

Its fighting style is all about the corners. GZ relies on the boxing ring to corner its opponents and use the ring to keep them static for its infamous gank. A combo relying on knockback and repeated strikes to overwhelm the opponent to submission and if needed, grapple them and rip the from limb to limb.


Health: 80 I 100

Attack: 40 I 100

Critical: 50 I 100

Special: 90 I 100

Intelligence: 60 I 100


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