Name: Gridlock

Title: The Bronzed Bodybuilder Bot

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Offline


Gridlock is seen in the movie where he got his fight with Zeus. He managed to punch Zeus, which makes him the first robot to ever land a blow on Zeus (Atom being the second), but they were weak blows, which Zeus counters, with his Nuke Fists on Gridlock's head, which flattened his head and destroyed his system. Despite this, he came back in the Real Steel games. First in an update for the iOS game on 2012, where he was introduced with a trailer of him defeating Midas, and then as a fightable opponent and buyable robot in RS WRB.

Announcer's Quote: "Hailing all the way from Switzerland! Get in a jam for Gridlock!"



Armor: 70/100

Power: 60/100

Speed: 50/100


Health: 6200

Attack: 504

Special: 1040

WRB-I: 187

Boost: Full Battle Gauge


Gridlock 003

Origin: Switzerland

Ability: Corrosion Resist - Power Gain

Weight: 783 LBS

Height: 8'0"

Feature: Blue Cyanide Core

Special Moves:

1.- Mechismo Taunt (Original)

2.- Super Mechismo Taunt (Blacktop)

3.- Ultra Mechismo Taunt (Abandon)


Gridlock 004

Gridlock is almost completely bronze, with gray trimmings along with blue lights. On his face, his mouth resembles Iron Man's mask slit, making him look like said superhero. His whole body is not fully covered, exposing his chassis and the light of the Blue Cyanide Core in his torso. Gridlock is pretty large for a WRB bot. In a news report at the StarFire Arena (where he got Nuke Fisted by Zeus), he is almost as tall as Zeus himself. In general, he's pretty similar to Ambush, since his face, forearms and lower legs are quite similar, which could mean that Gridlock and Ambush are somehow related, but it's still unconfirmed. Gridlock also has an Earth in the middle of the chest, which for some reason is lit in yellow instead of blue, although his eyes are lit in blue, although an explanation of this could be that the emblem is actually sculpted on his chest and is not really meant to glow, and was just mistaken by a light due to the robot's metal body's lighting.


  • He was the very first bot who managed to hit Zeus, but it was one weak right cross before Zeus Nuke-Fisted him. He was about to land a left cross but was interrupted.
  • In the WRB game, Gridlock's card says he's from Italy, but the announcer says he's from Switzerland.
  • He is flat-footed.
  • He has a Gold variation in the iOS game, Gridlock Gold.
  • In his concept art, his name was originally Atlas, which could explain the Earth emblem on his chest.
  • He is somewhat similar to Iron Man.
  • He may be related to Ambush in some way since both of them are pretty similar.
  • In the iOS game, his two abdomen plates are black instead of bronze for some unknown reason.
  • After an update in the WRB game, his pelvis got messed up, missing the frontal plate.
  • His moveset appears in Real Steel Champions, but neither him nor his parts come back.
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