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Announcers Quote:"The Cornerback Guard with an offensive attack,Here's the MIGHTY GRIDIRON!"

Speciality:Titanium Shoulder Pads(Deals less damage to Armor,Boosts Defences)


You have Touchdown,Tackle,Quaterback and Crusher,but now you have the Mighty Gridiron,built by the AFO(American Football Organization)Gridiron's job was to be a Mascot but Jim Falkitz(a famous retired American Football Player for the Denver Platypus) suggested that there is no replacing their beloved mascot so,Jim left with Gridiron and took him to the Robo Crush,an underworld boxing arena,Where he fought against Voodoo  In which is a win

so after that Jim and Gridiron decided to rank up to the WRB.

Let the challenge Begin

Gridiron Entered Crash Palace and was ready to battle Midas,when the bell rang chaos unfolds,He headbutted Midas,then he used his Special in which he hit repetedly and headbutts him to the ground,once Midas was weak,he charged at him and as he got up Gridiron ripped his head off Clean,Artie and Finn were shocked to see Midas beaten,they gave Jim 20.000$ and soon they left.

Tacklin' The Cornerback

After they left the Crash Palace,Jim was Confident until he saw a billboard saying:Tackle,The Triple Treat is ready to rumble bring your best bot to face him.

Jim and Gridiron soon went to the  Steel Bowl in which multiple challengers were defeated by Tackle himself,once Gridiron entered the ring many fans were shocked to see Jim in robot boxing,once the bell rang,the fight began.

Round 1:Tackle left a swift punch on Gridiron,but he resisted and dealt a heavy blow on Tackle,in which case left him on the Floor,but he stood up and did a mighty uppercut in which left Gridiron on the Floor.

Round 2:Gridiron decided to Lower jab Tackle,in which left him stunned,Jim saw the opportunity for a Fullback Attack,in which he punched repetedly and headbutted him for good,knocking him out.

Round 3:Tackle went for a headbutt,but Jim was thinking the same thing and soon both robots were Knocked out

The Judges declared this fight a tie and soon both Jim and Tackle's Handler shook hands and left with prize of  10.000$ and new processor chip.

Crushin' The Gridiron.

After fighting Tackle,Jim was still in the Steel Bowl until a new challenger stepped up to the ring,he was supposed to be the next fighter after Tackle,they introduced him as Crusher,The Gridiron beast,Jim thought that this bot might be easy to beat,so he watched,and soon Albino stepped in to the arena.The crowd went wild,as the bell rang,Albino landed the first punch,but Gridiron decided do deal a Turbo jab,Albino decided to block his shoulder charge and as his dealt with a heavy uppercut and he punched twice,Albino punched him,as Crusher dealt various blows and jabs he decided to use his Special but he blocked it,as they fought,Jim was interested to see who won as Albino dealt a blow,Crusher decided to use his Special to finish him off.As the next fight was with Abandon,Jim grabbed some Popcorn and watch the fight once,Abandon was damaged,Crusher decided to rip off Abandon,Jim saw that Crusher kicked him,ripped his arm off and headbutted his head off,Jim was terrified of Crushers mighty rip off and attack.

As Gridiron entered the ring,The bell rang,once Crusher Dealt various attacks Gridiron was Strong and Defensive,so Jim said"Let's see if you like a taste of your own medicine" so he dealt various attack until one of them stunned so he decided to use Fullback Attack and after that one punch,he decided to charge at him as soon as Crusher got up he ripped his head off and as soon as that,Jim won 20.000$ and decided to head to the Steel Bowl Giftshop and bought something for his wife.

Don't Quarterback the Cornerback.

Still in the Steel Bowl,Jim decide to was Quarterback vs a random challenger,and after that,Gridiron battled Quarterback,he used his signature move and after that Quarterback used his signature as well,but it ended in double knockout where both bots headbutted each other.But the final one will be hard.

Touching Down

His next was Touchdown,as they entered the ring,the bell rang,Touchdown did a jab and and uppercut but Gridiron decided to use Fullback attack in which it damaged part of Touchdown's armor and system,and after that Touchdown uses Slam tackle and after that Gridiron and Touchdown punched each other which lead to a draw.Jim won 2000$ and left the Steel Bowl,until it's owner decided to add Gridiron to the challenge,Jim agreed and soon Gridiron was ready to face various challengers but one Challenger decided to fight him First.

Gridlock or Gridiron?

After leaving the Steelbowl,Jim encountered Gridlock,and challenged his owner to a fight,once the fight began,it was an easy win,Gridiron did various punches and soon headbutts Gridlock,making him the Victor and so Jim left with 20.000$ 

Like Uncle like Niece

One he Left,Jim decided to visit the Gradley Jr Univerisity,where her niece Felicia Grandy decide to hug him,once they arrived on campus they saw the Gradley Falcons playing,one of the player which was Felicia's Boyfriend recognizes him as Tiger Falkitz,the legendary Quarterback for the Denver Platypus,as his idol,but he decided to show him Gridiron,Krurt (Felicia's Boyfriend) decided to challenge Gridiron to Bubblegum,Jim asked"Who's Bubblegum?",Felicia Embarrased says"She is my bot Uncle",as Jim approaches her bot,both bots entered the ring in which the battle began,Bubblegum Tried to punch Gridiron but thanks to his reinforced armor it didn't damage him but Gridiron decided to headbutt her in which she felldown and soon Gridiron won,the next day Jim saw Louis Dertoyrin his Rival,he saw that he was the coach for the Gradley falcon,Louis saw him and said"Well,well,well,the Tiger comes out of his cage",Jim in rage says"Shut it Dertoyrin i will beat you twice like the old days",Louis says"with your bot please,i decided to create a new bot",with a snap of a finger he introduced Cornerback,Gridiron's rival and soon Jim told him to fight here,once the bell rang,Gridiron decided to headbutt him but failed thanks to his reinforced armor,Cornerback decided to use Gridiron Smash,in which Gridiron was stunned,but Jim decided to use Fullback attack and soon after both bots uppercutted each other causing it a draw,after that his niece decided to ask him if he would stay,but he declined saying that there are more to challenge out there so he left.

Upgrading Time

IMG 1324

New and Improved

After Cornerbacks fight Jim realized that the Wireless link for the controler has been busted,so Jim decided to Upgrade Gridiron Completely.

He began Buying a new Chest Piece and putting a core made out of Promethium and Paladium,he got it from his visit to his niece's high school, Slimming down the Arms and Bulking out the Legs and the result was this awesome machine


Gridiron looks Similar to Touchdown,but with a Different System and Wiring,instead of an Uranium core it is a Promethium core and his legs are adapted to speed also his upper torso and arms are adapted for defence and sometimes offense


Gridiron is the fifth Bot Related to American Football

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