NAME: Greatshark


BOT TYPE: Fragile Speedster Level 6



Aquabot was one of the worst bots ever. But after an upgrade he started a winning spree. Then other bots got upgraded then Aquabot was once again one of the worst bots ever. But the owner of Aquabot had so much money from the win streak, He then bought a lot of robot parts and upgraded Aquabot. He was changed so much that he even changed his name to Greatshark so he can stick with the deep sea theme. Greatshark then finished Zeus and now.. Greatshark is one of the greatest bots out there


vs Zeus Win

vs Astro Lose

Rematch with Astro Win


Strength: 97%

Speed: 86%

Intelligence: 49%

Special Moves: 72%

Made in: Finland

Specialties: Depth Charge Special Move, Deep Dent Piston Fists.

Handler: Gibson Thompson

How to:

Bots needed: Aquabot, Axelrod, Zeus, Tackle.

  1. Buy BYOR
  2. Buy the bots you need
  3. Aquabot head
  4. Zeus left arm
  5. Zeus right arm
  6. Axelrod torso
  7. Tackle left leg
  8. Tackle right leg
  9. Completely blue coloration
  10. Use whatever special moves you want
  11. Name it Greatshark
  12. Save it!


  • Greatshark has beaten Zeus.
  • Greatshark is no longer a junk-bot as he was professionally made by factories since Gibson Thompson got a lot of money from Aquabot's win spree.
  • Greatshark challenged astro and lost its first battle then there was a rematch and greatshark crushed astro
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