WIP (Just wanted to try my hand at making another bot)


Excerpt from the Reveal

"The year is 20XX. Robot Boxing is more popular than ever, and as more and more investment went into this metal fighters, more unique features emerge from the dark and into the light. Flaming fists! Self-rewriting A.Is! Even energy pulses! Robot boxing has pushed mechanics into it's very limits. Unfortunately, it also pushed our company into near bankruptcy. Due to the theft of our high-value robot, "Centurion", Ebot has been pressure heavy debt from shareholders and insurance companies. However, the tables has turned. One particular project of us has drawn in plenty of investment, though Ebot is not as nearly well as it's prime, I highly doubt we would be closing anytime soon."

"Now, about our new project. Let's start with some successful examples of boxing robots. I'm sure many of our investors are familiar with Centurion, and the bots of our CEOs - Ambush 2.0 and Shredder are pretty much household names. WHAT IF, we take from these old-school design to reinvent old-school robot boxing? The days where there are none of these wacky high-tech gimmick that emerged after Atom being crowned as the people's champion? Or better yet, what if we design a robot to specifically DESTROY, these new fancy bots with scanner, and DISABLE these bots that uses literal weapons like flamethrowers? I humbly introduce you to....Grün!"


Name: Grün

Generation: Borderline G4


Armour: 100/100

Power: 60/100

Speed: 100/100

Intelligence: 0/100 (Manual except for lock-on system)

BOT TYPE: Demon Wall

Special Features

"STRONGARM SYSTEM": Two nitrous pistons in each Arm allow for punches at extreme speed. Supercharged joint rotation system allow for quick arm retraction. Combined, they form the Strongarm system, allowing rapid barrage of wide-coverage punches to be maintained for an extended amount of time. However speed has to be built up.

"INTIMIDATE": Essentially a "bluff" to A.Is. This system makes an A.I overestimate Grün's ability and "intimidate" them into a more careful approach, which works in Grün's advantage due to it's overaggressive boxing style. Due to this ability, when a scanner-A.I scan for Grün's weaknesses no weaknesses will be shown. This feature only work aganist high intelligence, heavy A.I reliance opponents.

Lesser Features

Advanced Cool-down system, Back Vents, Heat Resistance Metal.

Combat Data

"Style and Weaknesses": Grün is built for strictly official fights and has no illegal moves. It focuses on getting on the offense at all costs and mow down opponents with it's rapid punches. An individual punch may be quite average in terms of power but the sheer amount of punches Grün can throw in a fixed time grants Grün one of the most overwhelming offense ever in robot boxing history. However, the speed of punches has to be built up and rely on overall momentum. Counters to Grün include heavyweight bots that can tank some punches and stop Grün's momentum with one powerful strike. Alternatively, stopping Grün from gaining momentum in the first place would also work quite well.

Notable Moves

"First Impression": A single, lighting speed jab by activating all arm pistons at once. Helps to stun opponent slightly and capitalize on it to gain the upperhand.

"Round 2.5": Move based on Shredder's "Round 3.5", but is less focus on combos and more on maintaining offense advantage. Generates random straights and jabs.

"Headhunter": A barrage of alternating straights to the head until it's decapitated or stop working entirely.

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