Titan Golem Arsenal

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Titan Golem Arsenal

New upgrade to Golem.. YAY

Nicknames: Four Armed Terror

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Hyper Dreadnought

Titan Golem II

Titan Golem II (Outdated)

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that this Bot is entirely noncanon. Im still working on it, so give me time. [2]Golem is a Gen 3-4 bot, that is well known for it's defensive capabilities.

Name: Titan Golem V2

Nicknames: Titanic, Turtle, Revengine

Generation: 3-4 (3.5)

Bot Type: Dreadnought (There was no type that fit Golem's specialties.)


Golem is a G3.5 bot that was created by Rylan (aka Basilisx). The first version of Golem was based off a G2 sparring bot similar to Atom. Original Golem was able to take lethal punishment, and won most of its small town fights. During this time, Rylan was able to raise enough money to fund a new bot: Titan Golem. Golem2 (current Golem) was created by a few engineers including Rylan in China, where they took inspiration from the Terra Cotta warriors. Golem returned as a tank that could take pain, but also knew how to counter. The only weakness to this huge power, was speed. Enemies that could outspeed Golem, were harder to punish. However, speed bots tired out way before Golem, as he could stand and take weak blows for as long as needed. Once he tired his opponent out, he could grab him with his extendable chain arms, and deliver close combated destruction to them. Also, adding to the first Golem, he was defeated by Atom, which ended his undefeated streak.

TGII= Titan Golem II

TGA= Titan Golem Arsenal

Stats and Loadout

Attack: 80/100 TGII

Attack: 100/100 TGA

Defense: 100/100 TGII

Defense: 100/100 TGA

Speed: 30/100 TGII

Speed: 50/100 TGA

Intellect: 60/100 TGII

Intellect: 80/100 TGA

Stamina: 80/100 TGII

Stamina: 90/100 TGA

Special Attacks TGII : Counter Clockwork (Takes a hit and returns a stronger hit), Chain Spear (Fists attached to arms by chains shoot out and grab), Molten Assault (Flamethrower), Titan Earthquake (Hammers appear on fists), Gear Grind (Sawblades), Crystal Fists (Spikes appear on knuckles).

Special Attacks TGA: Hyper versions of all of the previous Specials, Metalmorph (Arms can morph into any weapon imaginable), Shadow Punch (Two arms hit for a fake out, and the other two deliver punishment).


Made: USA (Golem), China (Golem2), Omega Club Workshop (Golem Arsenal).

Features: Shadow Box, InvisiBox, Gen 5 Remote Control (basically mind control), Weapon Box (Gives knowledge of every weapon ever made), Four Arms, 3 inch diamond-plated armor, hyper diamond piston fists.

Height: 8'

Weight: 2000 pounds

Known For: Being undentable, A monster at close combat, can take pain and dish it back.

Introduction Sentence: "The monster of the ring, he crushes one opponent after another, watch out for... GOLEM!"

Catchphrase: "Here, to make this fair, ill give you 30 seconds of free time, I won't attack you back, but the clock is ticking.". . . 30 seconds later, "Times up."

"Have the towel ready, cause your gonna throw it soon."

Season 1

Episode 1 Ravager Retaliation.

Bam! This is UNBELIEVABLE! Zeus is DOWN for the count! And the winner, is.. the winner is.. GOLEM! After the crushing victory over Zeus, Rylan discovered a note taped to the back of his control chair. It said: "Your not half bad, meet me at the Afterworld stadium tomorrow at 10PM, bring Golem. -Ravager" Not wanting to disappoint, Rylan meet "Ravager" at the Afterworld stadium at 10PM the next night. What he saw was a HUGE bot waiting for him, and a headline: The Champion Ravager takes on the Underworld Champion Golem." Before Rylan knew it, he was surrounded by reporters asking his opinion, he replied with: "What's going on?" Then, the ground started shaking, and a platform rose out of the ground with Golem and Ravager on it. "We're fighting on THAT?" He was also elevated as he grabbed his controller, and BAM! They were off! Golem started with a clumsy jab to the head, that Ravager blocked lazily. Then, Golem was knocked off balance. Golem was getting too close to the edge, but as Golem took hits, he started gaining more and more ground. Then Golem delivered a strong hook, uppercut, roundhouse combo to Ravager's head. The first round ended with both bots suffering minimal damage. Second round, BEGIN! Ravager starts with a hook and Golem grabs it and makes Ravager's fist punch Ravager. Then, Ravager retaliates with a strong kick. Golem is slightly knocked back, but uses his signature counter, Counter Clockwork, to put a rather large dent in Ravager's left leg. Which Ravager recovered from the sudden unbalance from his legs, Golem uses the chance to shove Ravager off the ring. Somehow he managed to grab onto the ledge, but as Golem brought his foot down on Ravager's hand, he was grabbed and fell as well. But as Ravager hit the ground first, Golem won The battle.

Episode 2 There's only Oneway until Time runs out.

One day, Rylan was reading the newspaper, when he spotted an article about a bot named Oneway facing off against a bot named Time. Oneway beat time, and Rylan wanted to see how good this Oneway was. He sent Oneway's owner a message. Little did he know that another bot had also been invited to this fight. Time. The fight started with 3 bots, and ended with 2 1/2 bots. The match started, and Oneway immediately targeted Golem. Golem easily dodged the assault, until Time ripped one of Golem's arms off, and beat him with it, similar to the Ravager fight. "Time must have done his research" Rylan thought. Then Oneway KO'd Golem. But little did he know, Golem was still operational, just fazed. Rylan then threw in the towel for Golem before any more destruction could follow. He would find Time and Oneway, and put them in the scrapyard.

Episode 3 Team Mech.

Rylan was working on Golem in his repair shop, when he received a text. It was from Mark Hedhon, the owner of Ravagor. "I am involved in a team called Team Mech, and you've been invited.' Rylan Replied with: "Sure whenever you guys need something, just ask." And then he went back to repairing Golem. -More to be added, probably.

Episode 4 Oneway to beat'um.

One day, while watching TV, Rylan spotted his fight with Time and Oneway broadcast on TV. It was humiliating, so he called up Sam. "Hey" "What's up?" "Well, I want to fight Oneway again, I was ripped off, Time got lucky with the arm rip." "Hmmm, If that's what you want" "Yeah, meet me at Fawk's electric ring."

Little did Sam know, that Golem had been upgraded, to have reinforced joints and connections, to ensure no "lucky arm rips". He had also given Golem rubber coils, to pump the electricity into his fists, which could overload Oneway.

On the day that the two bots met, a small video team appeared to broadcast the show, along with a very large crowd. The fight started, and Bam! Oneway was faster, and got the first hit, to the arm that Golem had lost in their last fight, however, Golem had been repaired, and so this did very little to him. Oneway then started vigorously punching the chest of Golem, but that was the most well protected part. Golem then had him exactly where he wanted him. Golem grabbed Oneway's shoulder, and held him in place, while Golem drove his knee into the stomach of Oneway, leaving a rather nasty dent. Oneway then shoved Golem back, and kicked him into the Electric ring. Golem used his tesla coils to absorb the electricity, and use it against his opponent in his new attack, Final Golem. Final Golem was faster, stronger, sturdier, and smarter. He continuously smashed Oneway over and over. Sam was still confused as to how the electric ring didn't KO Golem, and couldn't keep his mind clear. However, Oneway knew he was losing, and so he started trying to trip Golem, which was near impossible as Golem weighed at least a ton. Then Golem wound up for the final blow, Titan Earthquake. However, his circuts overloaded from the Final Golem assault, and he was immobile for a few seconds, but a few seconds in Robot Boxing, is forever. Oneway hit Golem hard in the chest and a dent was left in Golem. As Oneway prepared to smash Golem into the ground, Golem's circuits went back online, and the electricity discharged into both Golem and Oneway, resulting in a tie. "Darnit!" Rylan thought, but then he thought about it, he had stood his ground against Oneway, and the fight was much less humiliating than the last one. He walked over to Sam. "Good fight" he said and shook Sam's hand. "We put on a good show." Little did either of them know, the event had spread so much throughout the fighting league, that it had been broadcast to more than 10 TV stations. Which meant, good money. They we're each awarded $150,000 and went their separate ways, for now.

Season 2

Season 2:1 Golem Returns.

After many months of planning, Rylan has a new addition to the Golem line... Titan Golem Arsenal. Using the money he obtained from both previous Golem versions, Rylan was able to build the best Golem yet... Shake in your shoes, for the four armed behemoth.

Season 2:2 The Watcher From Hell.

A powerful bot has challenged our four armed friend. DoomFire is ready with his inferno of attacks. Rylan received a note from someone named Jack. "Bring your bot to the Inferno Tower." "Inferno?" Rylan thought. "Good thing Golem is fireproof." When Rylan arrived, a slightly less bulky and much smoother bot waited. Rylan could only assume this was his opponent. He booted up his new control system (Mind Control) and ordered Golem into the normal looking ring. But all of a sudden, flames burst up from the floor at random locations. Golem narrowly dodged one burst. DoomFire was quick and lightweight. So he was able to predict and dodge with ease. Golem took a fierce punch to the face, which was enough to knock him into a pillar if flames. Golem's control read battery at 70%. He needed to end this match quick. DoomFire delivered a hasty kick to Golem's chases. Again, Golem staggered into a column of fire. Battery Level, 50%. Rylan ordered a prediction scan of the field. He saw a pattern. The flames were jetting in a diamond shape. Using this knowledge, Golem used his four arms, and picked DoomFire up. He then threw him into the cage, which bounces DoomFire into a straight line of fire. DoomFire got up, but some of his paint was chipped. While DoomFire was stunned, Golem delivered four punches. Battery Level, 25%. His last punch made hard contact, bringing DoomFire down. Energy Level, 10%. In a final struggle from DoomFire, he kicked Golem into the middle of the arena, where the largest pillar rose and engulfed Golem. Energy Level, 2% Both bots collapsed at the same time. Golem was out of power and on fire, DoomFire was badly damaged. This resulted in a draw.

Notable Fights


Metro (draw)

Metro (victory)

Midas (interupted)

Ambush (victory)

Midas (victory)

Atom (loss)


Quicksilver (victory)

Midnight (victory)

Six Shooter (victory)

Midas (victory)

Zeus (victory)

Ravager (narrow victory)

Oneway and Time (loss)

Oneway (draw)

Golem Arsenal:

DoomFire (draw)

Sarge (TBD)

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