Name: Gold Mine formerly Coal Mine

Nickname: The Miner With a Heavy Core
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Coal Mine

Special: Dig, Dig, Drill

Move set: Drill Buster, Pick Slam, Gold Stomp

Special Feature: Mine Chip v5(Capable of finding minerals and gems and coal)

Owner: Clispki Flanadki(Former), Bryce Hills

Made in: Poland(formerly), US


In the Janinstki Coal Mine in Poland,a polish man name Clipski Flanadki,who was a coal miner decide to mine for some coal,after mining he stumbled upon an old  small furnace so he brought back home,Clispki was a smart man he built a robot that can mine but it is missing it's power source so he added the furnace and the machine named Coal Mine would begin mining,after a few week Chipski would go to the US to mine in the Goldflare mine in Nevada but Coal Strike only mine coal not gold so Chipski activated Coal mine but the bot  was out of his element and so Chipski got frustrated and went back to Poland,but a guy name Bryce Hills the Founder and Former CEO of Goldie but an Oldie decide to upgrade Coal Miner With a Mine chip v5 and a new Paint job, Coal Mine is no more but Gold Mine was Born!,Bryce in his Spare time praciced boxing and decide to train Gold mine how to Fight and so he did.

After 2 weeks later,Gold Mine will be facing Haxard in a one on one match,Bryce powered gold mine up and battled Haxard and Gold mine uses Dig,Dig,Drill which impaled Haxard and which won 20.000$.
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Gold Mine


The Special Feature for Coal Mine was a Steam Modulator v1 which use the steam from his furnace to power him up

Coal Mine was not a Robot boxer but a Mine Bot

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