Welcome to the Gods of Boxing, the most incredible, fighting leauge there is, when the Final Showdown comes, things will never be the same again.

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Contestents (Top 4)

- Ravagor 

-The Sarge




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-Bunker Buster





-Bunker Buster




-Ambush 2.0





THE FINAL SHOWDOWN:  The Robots placed 5th and under entered the ring. Logsplinter vs Thrasher vs Titan vs Solace vs Bunker Buster vs Bandit. Ding! Ding!  Here was the bell, and the fight began! Thrasher took a head start by knocking Solace into Bandit, Bandit shoved Solace off and gave Thrasher an uppercut in return. Solace got behind Titan and smashed his body in half, Titan was out. Bunker Buster picked up the remains of Titan and chucked them at Thrasher. Thrasher looked down at the remains, distracted, while Solace came up and knocked his head off. Now the remaining bots were Bunker Buster, Solace, Bandit, and Logsplinter, who had been doing nothing the whole time, but then Logsplinter chopped off Bandit's left arm, and tried swinging at him with his right. Bunker Buster attacked from behind and stepped on Bandit's foot, pushed him back and his leg fell off. Bunker Buster then used his fist and flattened his head. Logspliner grabbed Solace and used him as a human sheild, while Bunker Buster was giving hard punches to the body. Solace then grabbed Logsplinter head, ripped it off, and chucked it at Bunker Buster's head causing him to stumble, Solace took his chance and picked up Bunker Buster, and did not Slam him against his knee, definatley not cracking him in half.

Solace was the 5th Place God of Boxing!

But the real real real REAL fight was coming. THE ULTIMATE FINAL SHOWDOWN, Ravagor, Oneway, Stryder, and The Sarge entered the ring. Mark, Shane, Anthony, and Sam all came up to the ring and shook hands. The winner would win $1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 in cash for a prize. The owners left the stage. 3, 2 ,1 FIGHT!!!!! Oneway stepped up to The Sarge while pounding on Ravagor and shoved him, causing him to fall into the chains, he got back up and slammed Oneway in to Stryder, who picked him up and threw him at Ravagor. Oneway got off the ground and bonked Stryder and Ravagor's heads together. Stryder was mad at Oneway and smashed his fist into Oneway's chest 5 times. He kicked Oneway into the chest, not worried about him, The Sarge, Ravagor, and Stryder kept fighting eachother until Oneway tripped Ravagor. The Sarge bent over and smashed his face, He smashed his face hard enough that a large dent was placed in Ravagor's head. Mark stuck his tung out and Shane while he was gazing apon his robot. Stryder swung at Oneway, he ducked, then Oneway swung at Stryder, and then he ducked, them two kept doing that until The Sarge came up and slammed Oneway to the ground, and fought Stryder. Sam and Mark winked at eachother and Oneway grabbed The Sarge, Ravagor grabbed Stryder, and Ravagor and Oneway were slamming the other two bots into each other, then finaly, Ravagor broke Stryder in half. 3 robots left. Shane and Mark gave eachother these odd looks, BAD looks, then Ravagor grabbed Oneway's head, Oneway was trying to punch Ravagor but his he couldn't, because by the time he started swinging, The Sarge had grabbed Oneway's feet. Sam was starting to scream as the put pulled him in an oppisite dirrection. Snap! Oneway snapped in half. Sam threw his remote to the ground. The Sarge picked up Ravagor and threw him into the chains, Mark was mad. But before he let his anger out. The Sarge had already defeated Ravagor. 

An hour after, all bots were repaired and the prizes for The Gods of Boxing where given out.

1st: The Sarge: $1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00

2nd: Ravagor: $1,000,000,000,000,000.00

3rd: Oneway: $1,000,000,000,000.00

4th: Stryder: $1,000,000,000.00

5th: Solace: $1,000.00

6th: Bunker Buster: $500.00

7th: Logsplinter: $250.00

8th: Bandit: $125.00

9th: Thrasher: $100.00

Last (10th): Titan: $0.00

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