The Global Robot Boxing League is a Group (Just like Justice League,it's not a league) Which bots are challenged by New opponents,their Leader is the owner of Steel(Hiroto Hashimakai),their arena/training center is called,Bowlar's Boxing Ring and is Located in Okay,Oklahoma(Real Place ok)

To Join

1-Your bot must have 2 or 3 higher in any stats (70 to 100) either speed,intelligence you name it

2-You can enter any type of bots

3-Generation 2 to 9

4-can join when in another group 

5-if you post this in the comments,Mg1Pro exo will send you a message on your wall showing that you are know part of the GRBL


Flynn McHuldier joined the GRBL since the fight with Overkill and it was noted by the entire world including his friend Svenz and Hiroto,so he decided to invite Flynn into the group

Owner:Flynn McHuldier


Sparky the canadian sparkplug real steel bot by mg1fanart-d76hew6






Made in:Canada

Thor (Real Steel)

Thor real steel by inkydragon-d52jft0

Svenz Olkensen friend of Flynn has entered GRBL because of his battle with Midas and one of Hiroto's friends saw the fight and told him to join the team.

Owner:Svenz Olkensen




Special-Lighting Swipe

Made in:Norway


Ichido samurai foot soldier by ahbiasaaja-d3iva1d


Hiroto Hashimakai Founded GRBL due to his winning streak so he opened up his old stadium and called it GRBL due to a lot of group names

Owner:Hiroto Hashimakai

Power- 99/100

Special- 89/100

Armor- 100/100

Special move-the Rage

Made in:Japan


A newcomer to the GRBL Ajax Megalos Joined later after he battled Midas after words Hiroto gave him an email to Ajax joining the GRBL

Owner:Ajax Megalos







Special move:Olympus Smash

Made in:Greece


This Robot Executioner Joined GRBL,since he has beaten tons of bots and he is Overpowered,Created by Shawn Shucks,and later got Noticed by Hiroto and Adding him to the team

Owner:Shawn Shucks


Strength: 100/100

Speed: 100/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Armor: 99/100

Special: 100/100

Special Move:Bring Down the Pain

Made in:USA



The Immortal Bot has Enter GRBL,Noticed by Hiroto,He asked Blake Herman to join the team but rejects the offer,until one day he has beaten Zeus,Blake looking for fresh Steel,decided to contact Hiroto he asked that he can be in the GRBL,thus Adding him into the team.

Owner:Blake Herman

Armour: 157/200

Special Moves: 170/200

Strength: 172/200

Speed: 139/200

Intelligence: 163/200

Special Move:Power Thrill

Made in:Philippines

Specials:Two-Peat: Denster smashes the opponent to the chest, then lands a straight uppercut to the jaw.

Diver Slam: Denster does 4 straight low jabs, and ends with a straight low uppercut.

Herman Model: Denster lands a blow to the opponent's chest. Then he proceeds with punching the chest 4 times. If it's powerful, it can make the opponent's system malfunction.

Explosive Steel Fighter: Denster does a twist uppercut, then proceeds with a rotating jab. Denster then finishes with a fine thermal hook.

CK Electric: It's Brainstorm, but remodelled with Drain fist technology. Also at the last move, it is replaced by a jumping mace punch.

From the Den: Denster lands a thermal hook. Then, he corners his opponent and delivers a flying forearm smash.

MMA Return: Denster catches the opponent from the foot. Then, he forces the opponent to do a triangle, and then he punches at the face. Lastly, he wraps the opponent tight, and continuing punches until the opponent taps the mat.



The Emperor of Eurasia Joined The GRBL,from another team,Team Mech,noticed by Hiroto during a fight Lance Reynolds accepted the offer,thus adding him to the team. He and his handler are now the symbol of the two teams(GRBL and Team Mech) friendship, along with Denster, Overkill and other Double-Team bots.

Handler:Lance Reynolds

Durability 200/100(OP)

Power 198/200

Speed 157/200

Stamina 183/200

Special Features: EpicFlame 2.0 paint job, Pure steel fists coated in Nerominum , Leg mounted shock absorbers and springs, Hyper Torque coding and onboard combo-generating AI

Made in:South Korea

Specials:Scenemaker: 3 heavy hooks followed by a double uppercut that decapitates most bots

Snappy: A brute, simple neck snap

Just shredding: fatal move which shreds the torso, destroy all inner mechs, than rips off head and stomps on it

Mech hooker: A powerful left hook that hooks the head and damages it.

Headchanger: A lethal move in which rips off the opponent's head and headbutts the vacant space, creating the illusion that the two torsos are sharing Shredder's head.

Round 3.5: A move in which Shredder sends his AI into overload and delivers random combos until the fight ends

Steelfist: A heavy left straight that sends the opponent flying into the ropes or out of the ring


Robot Captain Concept by BDPatton

Danny Delton joined the GRBL because his old bot Junkyard being Destroyed by Midas,so Flynn lend him Emergency,The Quick Interceptor,to defeat Midas





Special:Speedy Interception

Owner/Handler:Danny Delton

Made in:USA

Union Jack

Custom made in London This bot is the patriotic Symbol of the UK bought by Flynn McHuldier this bot has strong reflexes to dodge attacks.






Special:Union Jack Crash

Handler:Flynn McHuldier

Made in:UK 


Maglev is the fastest and one of the best fighters in the WRB he has been a 3 time world champion after he defeated Atom, Zeus, and the G7 robot Tron his maglev wheels in his arms can spin up to 500 mph which can slice Zeus to peices . He actualy did it and Hiroto saw the match after the match Hiroto invited Kazuma to join the GRBL. Altough he is a G8 it was rumored Kazuma would upgrade Maglevs core to a G9 bot. 

Origin: Japan 

Speed: 1000/1000 

Power: 100/100 

Armor: 100/100 

Special: 100/100 

Special: Railway Demolition 

Special Feature: Maglev wheels 

Generation: 8 (due to upgrade) formerly G6 

Bot Type: Mighty Glacier 

Handler: Kazuma Naganata (formerly Izumida Naganata deceased)  


Any one can join GRBL whenever they want

GRBl is a Group not a league

GRBL ,Arch Troop and Global Mech are partners

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