This is Global Mech.


Global Mech is a remade Team Mech. Global Mech is the one of the top teams globally. It collects members around the world which gave the name "Global" Mech. Global Mech is a group of elite robot boxers which battles robots to gain extra money from the team and some feedback by the leader, Mark Hedhon. Global Mech is always here just in case of emergency tag team's, at least one member must be watching each others battles due to this.

Apply for Global Mech

To apply for Global Mech, ask any of the staff, but asking the higher up staff is recommended as they are usually higher due to higher activity.

When messaging a member, you must have a short written story of your main robot fighting a Global Mech member, it needs to be creative to let us know how good you are.


Leader: ScauldyTheScauldron

Co-Leader: Ambus N.O1 fan (Retired)

Administrators: Skysteam, FreddyKrueger87, Sean4333, Tribound, DaRKSagE4

Members: Noisy Bystander, GlitchMatrix09090099, Overkill4TheWin, LooksLikePoop, James Lightning, Mg1Pro exo, ILuvRealSteel, AxlSmashr, TheLastOfficial, ThatRealSteelFan

Mark Hedhon, Ravagor

Created by ScauldyTheScauldron /

This mech will stop at nothing to defeat and destroy his opponents. Holds a wide variety different moves that can destroy your robot in mere seconds, able to adapt to different fighting styles. Upon entry into the ring with Ravagor, chance of escape merely becomes a false construct.

Ravagor is often only used as a top contender for high level tournaments such as the WRB, as anything below this level of competition would render useless against a bot of this caliber.

There is a false ideology that strength is his only capability, although his design still allows for above average levels of speed and his AI and owner can easily adapt to multiple fighting styles, going toe to toe with top brutes such as Zeus, while being able to switch to a more careful and defense orientated style against speedsters such as Stryder.

Lagging behind in defensive presence will simply bring easily the match to an end, as Ravagor's strength is simply unmatched and a single clean blow will immediately destroy hopes of victory.

STRENGTH: 100/100

SPEED: 80/100


Other Robots : Drillbit, Copybot, Eos, Mech, Turbine, Grim Reaper, Brainstorm and Drazi.

John Maxwell, Ambush 2.0 (Retired)

Created by Ambus N.01 Fan / '

The reincarnation of Ambush. Excelling in all power, speed and skill, Ambush 2.0 is undoubtedly the ultimate crushing machine. Has less armor in order to dedicate to mobility, be sure to look out for him.

STRENGTH: 95/100

SPEED: 95/100

INTELLIGENCE: 0/100 (Manual)

Other Robots : Eos

Keiichi Akamine, Thanatos

Created by DaRKSagE 4 /

Thanatos was made in Japan, Thanatos is incredibly strong and fast due to his humanoid style frame giving Thanatos a lot of mobility, he also has a mode that he activates that increases his damage by a large percentage but has a high price once activated. Thanatos may be the strongest member in Global Mech.

STRENGTH: 99/100

SPEED: 65/100


Other Robots : None

Sam Johnson, Oneway

Created by FreddyKrueger87 /

A new version of Twin Cities, extremely powerful and has a partner named Logsplinter, after the defeat of Twin Cities, he was rebuilt but purchased by Sam Johnson. After sufficient upgrading, he turned into Oneway and became incredibly successful.

STRENGTH: 95/100

SPEED: 90/100


Other Robots : Logsplinter.

James Lightning, Bandit

Created by James Lightning /

 Bandit is a new robot boxer, He is regularly seen in the Underworld fighting small matches against smaller robots to make money, he has made great feats such as eventually challenging and defeating Midas himself. 

 STRENGTH: Unconfirmed 

SPEED: Unconfirmed


Other Robots : None

Shane Brasse, The Sarge

Created by Sean4333 /

He's as fast as a locomotive, and just as subtle, too. Made up of a used army tank, you better not deny his orders, or he'll revoke your permission to stand.

STRENGTH: 97/100

SPEED: 78/100


Other Robots : Rick O' Shay, Swashbuckler, After-Shock, Shining Armor.

Skysteam, Bunker Buster

Created by Skysteam /

Bunker is one of the most strongest robots, and was Fawk Hedhons friend. Bunker is extremely powerful and can match up to Ravagor. He is now back in action and ready to take on any opponents who stand in his way.

STRENGTH: 100/100

SPEED: 70/100


Other Robots : Bio War Replica, Noisy Boy Replica, Bunker Buster v1.

Jet Cornell, Solace

Created by AxlSmashr /

Solace is a powerful bot. He is awesome at fighting. He travels around the world fighting robots and going in tournaments.

STRENGTH: 79/100

SPEED: 53/100


Other Robots : None

Blake Herman, Rapye

Created by Tribound /

A bot owned by Blake Herman, the man taking the world by storm. Rapye can land executive blows and malfunction his opponent. You will be watching out for this formidable guy. He is also the tempoary co-leader before John is appointed.

STRENGTH: 86/100

SPEED: 90/100 INTELLIGENCE: 100/100

Other Robots : Tribound Robot Tree (Current robots: Argon, Chroma, Xeno, Nexen, Nexus, Bronco)

Rylan Finalright, Golem

Created by Velociripper /

Golem is a defensive tank that can take almost any strike head on. He is one of the senior members of Team Mech, and one of the newer bots overall. Golem is known for almost undentable. If you get too close, you might never see anything again. Rylan usually makes new versions of Golem instead of upgrading the old version. Stats are TGII.

STRENGTH: 80/100

SPEED: 30/100


Other Robots : Nightmare, Old Versions of Golem.

Lance Reynolds, Shredder

Created by Noisy bystander /

Shredder is an aggressive fighting machine that has durable armor.He has a lot of experience and is willing to use it. Shredder is incredibly powerful and agile, meaning he can hit devastating blows without being too slow. Stats are adapted to be out of 100.

STRENGTH: 99/100

SPEED: 78/100


Other Robots : Minerbot, Primal.

Shawn Shucks, Overkill 

Created by Overkill4TheWin /

A bot owned by the desperate Shawn Shucks, Overkill is a bot with immense speed and a scanner that detects strengths and weaknesses. Even without the scanner, Overkill is a formidable foe as his speed and body spikes can deal great damage to people who even attempt to hit him.

STRENGTH: 97/100

SPEED: 98/100


Other Robots : Overkill, Zeus v2, Black Jac v2, Axelrod v2, Tempest, Sting-Rhino.

Raf Kent, Cyclone and Earth

Created by LooksLikePoop / '

The Twin Menaces, these two bots specialize in speed (Cyclone) and strength (Earth), and are the kings of tag team matches due to their great teamwork, however, as they work together, it is hard for Raf to control and he is usually not allowed in tournaments due to having a 1 v 1 rule. However, these bots together are only slightly better than one, meaning that fighting only one of these robots means fighting a robot that is half as good.


STRENGTH: 95/100

SPEED: 70/100



STRENGTH: 70/100

SPEED: 100/100


Other Robots : Minerbot, Blac Jac 3.0, Demon, Bladeface.

Flynn McHuldier, Sparky

Created by Mg1Pro exo /

When Sparky joined the GRBL, the fight with Overkill is one of the most spectacular fights ever and it was noted by the entire world. So Global Mech decided to invite him into the group.

STRENGTH: 92/100

SPEED: 53/100


Other Robots : (WIP)

Taylor Srinwest, Showoff

Created by iLuvRealSteel /

Showoff is a bot purchased from eBot and is owned by Taylor Srinwest. This bot has dia-titanium fists and pistons that are operated by H20 meaning they are easily refilled, he is currently pushing to WRB and the people has given him the name The Rising Star.

STRENGTH: 90/100

SPEED: 87/100


Other Robots : Clash.

Jack Henderson, DoomFire 

Created by GlitchMatrix09090099 /

DoomFire is a robot of the flames. He is owned by notorious Jack Henderson. DoomFire's plasma pistons are used to light the fight into a soaring inferno. If you're fighting him, you better watch out for the Watcher from the Underworld.

STRENGTH: 95/100

SPEED: 74/100


Other Robots : Wartron, Puppeteer.

Raymond Santiago, Twilight 

Created by ThatRealSteelFan / Twilight

Good luck even trying to find this robot. There's a reason he's called The Silent Slayer. His stats reach up to Ravagor is attack, and Cyclone in Speed. Because of that and Midnight Mode, Twilight is quite a force to reckon with. You shouldn't challenge him in the first place.

STRENGTH: 97/100

SPEED: 100/100


Other Robots : Volcano, Ringer, Twister, Ingrid

Vinzer Kakashi, Rook TCG

Created by TheLastOfficial /

The true last official on the chess board, Rook is a powerful fighter that is both swift and powerful. Actually, it's more like "power-full". Make sure your bot moves like a bishop, or else Rook will lethally en-rook your bot to death.

STRENGTH: 98/100

SPEED: 89/100


Other Robots : TarGet, Chinzaemon.

Robotic Building Centre, Steamer-Style

Created by Mg1Pro exo /

Steamer-Style was gifted to Global Mech by the Robotic Building Centre at the start of their partnership, his frame is made up of bullet trains, steam trains and other scrapped parts, then he was polished with brand new parts and his robotic parts was manufactured by the Robotic Building Centre themselves.

STRENGTH: 82/100

SPEED: 89100


Other Robots : Platinum.


Global Mech has made a few partnerships with others to aid them in fighting.

The Robotic Building Centre is a robot factory that helps Global Mech manufacture needed parts and temporarily borrow bots for certain matches, as a gift, The Robotic Building Centre gifted Steamer-Style to Global Mech.

eBot is also partnered with Global Mech due to the owners being members of Global Mech (Lance Reynolds and John Maxwell), every bot currently in the shop is available to Global Mech to temporarily use until they are bought by someone else or officially claimed by Global Mech, claiming a bot means a discount on it.

The Omega Club is now Global Mech's training ground and workshop area, it is used to upgrade bots and host fights for sparring between members or challenges from other robot owners.

Status with Other Groups and Robots.

The Olympus Warriors, The Bloodshot Beasts, The Unholy Fighters, Team Titanfall, Dark Storm Crew

The Olympus Warriors are a powerful team who are based off Greek gods, neither teams know each other.

The Bloodshot Beasts know of Global Mech, and Global Mech knows of them but not much interaction goes between them, meaning that anything can happen.

The Unholy Fighters has mixed opinions about Global Mech as some members are okay with them while some despise them.

The Dark Storm Crew has a great rivalry against Global Mech due to the project files that Mark Hedhon stole from them, see Collab - Mission: Dark Storm for more.

Gamma and the team that created him also has a great rivalry against Global Mech due to his downfall against them.

Collab - Mission: Dark Storm

It was a normal day, until Mark heard of a group called Dark Storm Crew. They were the very best apparently and getting better stats then Global Mech, so Mark disguises himself and applies. They instantly let him in and Mark enters their base, he sneaks past some guards and goes to the main computer. Mark puts all the files and secrets into his computer. Adrian walks in and finds Mark, he calls the rest of the team but Mark takes the USB and jumps out the window. He lands in a homeless persons matress. Mark starts running and calls his team and finds that the entire team is chasing him. Mark takes a skateboard out of his bag and starts to go around the subway station. Mark calls Global Mech to help on the way.  Some bots trip and are left behind. Mark is eventually cornered in a warehouse. Kirouza took a lamp post to beat Mark with. But Global Mech members arrives and an all out war starts between the two teams. 

Ambush 2.0 Chest-slammed Chromezone at the start to seize the first punch. John knows that he should destroy Dark Storm Crew's bot first or he will be destroyed.Then Chromezome countered the strike and kicked Ambush 2.0 into the ropes. His logo disappeared and Ambush 2.0's power core is seen clearly. Just as The Sliver Bot was going to punch him Ambush 2.0 entered Steath Mode. Chromezone was too dumb to know what is happening. Ambush 2.0 sneaked behind Chromezone and bushwhacked Chromezone, disabling him.

Bladeface is in the other sde, and Cyclone and Earth are near Bladeface. The referee blows his whistle. Bladeface makes an early tag, and Trash stays away from Bladeface. Trash makes the early move, leaning against the railing and sprinting towards Earth. Earth makes a reversal, slamming Trash with an illegal WWE Suplex. Trash is down. Earth calls Cyclone, and Cyclone elbow drops on trash, and that blow creates a hole. Then, Cyclone grabs a hydraulic and throws it out. Trash, calls Dash, which grabs Cyclone by the neck, releases, and roundhouses Cyclone out of the Ring. Cyclone is out, and Bladeface goes in. Dash slams the rails and runs towards Bladeface, which dodged the move. Dash is unprepared for a reversal, and goes out of the ring. Crash enters, and Bladeface makes easy out of him. Sparks flew out of him, and Bladeface, Earth and Cyclone win. 

Shredder is fighting Zen. Zen lands the first strike and activates Warrior Power. However, these strikes only power up Shredder's counterstrike because of the impact lining. 'Oops.' thinks Da Cheng as Shredder smashes through Zen's Dragon Shield and Steelfists him then blocks Zen's hook. However, Zen quickly gains the upper hand, and lands a vicious Dragon Mark that smashes into Shredder's left arm. as hydraulic fluid and steel fragments fall off from The Eurasian Emperor's arm, "Ouch." mutters Lance as he flicks a hologram on his controller off the screen. 'Crash!' goes Zen's torso as Shredder's right fist crashes through his torso armor. Shredder reached inside the cavity and found a computer board. 'This looks imporatant.' thinks Lance as Shredder mashes it up into splinters. And important it was. Zen hobbled around, punching the air, and Shredder kicked him down. Shredder kicks Zens head and shuts him down. 

Sledgeclops started a fight with Denster. Denster dodged Sledgeclop's first attack. Sledgeclops landed a Rhythmic Bass that only dented Denster's left calf. Denster turned on Supersonic Mode (a mode that cleans all injuries and gets running and punching super fast) and then ran so fast that Sledgeclops is too dizzy to stare at Denster. Eventually Sledgeclops almost fell down. He jumped back into battle. Then done Slamin Jams, the move still dented Denster's left calf. Denster eventually flapped on his rotating gears on inside. Denster jumped and grabbed Sledgeclops's head and smacked it onto the wall. Denster grabs Sledgeclops's chest and brings him to the ropes. Denster done Diver Slam and then launches Hammerhead Fist (a variety of Nukefist but targets upward like a double uppercut). Sledgeclops manages to stand up again. Denster lands a Little Earthling into his chest. Sledgeclops down. But then....brutal robot smasher was activated! That move destroyed Sledge. 

Sparky on the other end punched Enginehead but his armor was very strong, but Enginehead gave a powerful blow and damaged Sparky but Flynn activated shadow mode and beat Enginehead and finished him off with a high voltage punch to electric town, which disables him and then making Enginehead fell down and thus Sparky has beaten a Enginehead. But Russell rebooted Enginehead and knocked him out as for Round 2, Sparky activated Leech Strike, depleting Enginehead's power and knocking him out. He gets back up again and Enginehead tries to finish Sparky off but he dodged it and stunned Enginehead thus Ripping his head off. Overkill joined the fight but was suddenly tackled by Soundblast. Overkill ran up to Soundblast and smashed his face with his mace hand. Soundblast got up and kicked Overkill in the chest and starts to repeatedly punch him, but then Avalanche comes out of nowhere and rips Soundblast's head off. Avalanche turns around and sees Frostbite running up to him but crouches and punches him straight through the stomach.

Thanatos was there fighting Kirouza, it was unfair as Kirouza had a lamp post but Thanatos kicked it and split it in half. Thanatos activated Demonic Beast mode and reduced Kirouza into a pile of scrap. Showoff is punching Ozone, but dodges a punch. Ozone starts to grab Showoff's arm and then start to yank on it. Showoff is trying to get Ozone off but he won't let go. Ravagor comes out and rips Ozone's arm off. Showoff beats down Ozone. Ozone gets up and gets oil and fluids all over Showoffs sensors, leaving him vulnerable. Ozone stomps on Showoff repeatedly but gets up and shakes the liquids off. Showoff returns to destroying Ozone.

Ravagor finally faces the leader.. Savage and run up to each other. Both bots bump into each other and fall onto the ground. Mark gets up and starts to activate overdrive. Savage attacks Ravagor but deals no damage. Ravagor punches Savage and gets blown away to the other side of the warehouse. Savage gets up and uppercuts Ravagor. Savage uses peoples elbow on Ravagor but he rolls and Savage damages his arm. Ravagor gets up and kicks Savage and calls the rest of the team. Every Global Mech member is kicking Savage all at the same time. And they eventually stop. Leaving Savage completely totaled and unfixable.


ScauldyTheScauldron - Backup Writer, Organizer, Ravagor

LooksLikePoop - Fight Writer, Bladeface, Earth, Cyclone

DaRKSagE 4 - Thanatos

Tribound - Fight Writer, Denster/Drazi/Arkane

Ambush NO.1 fan - Fight Writer, Ambush 2.0

ILuvRealSteel - Showoff

Noisy bystander - Fight writer, Shredder

Overkill4TheWin - Overkill, Avalanche, Sting-Rhino (cancelled fight)

Mg1Pro exo - Fight Writer, Dark Storm Crew, Sparky

Collab - Brawl: Gamma

Mark Hedhon’s clock rang. The world was swirling around him. In a well-trained swipe, the clock got shut down and fell off the bed. ”OUCH!” Mark swung down the bunker-bed as his vision came to focus. There’s John Maxwell, clutching his painful head. “Dude, what’s wrong with you?” Everything?”Should we wake Keiichi?” ”Yup, but be quiet.”

John went inside Keiichi’s room in the E-Bot dormitories as Mark is making breakfast. John forgot Mark’s warning, or did the exact opposite of it. John broke the door hinges and the flying door knocked the couple out of the bed. Behaving like normal people, they gave poor John a lecture about knocking. Free punch-up included.……and never, ever, EVER, do that again if you do not want to feel my wrath." Keiichi yelled. Our hero, whose face is now covered by handprints from Yuko’s swift palm shots, cowered in fear. Mark heard John mumbled something like "I'm so sorry" and "Please spare my life". “So, what are we doing this day? I forgot.””Well….it’s Gamma. He was rebuilt and I bet he’s not soft.””Shall we call other members?” Just Flynn is aright, he’s been studying about Gamma for the .” " Where's the phone?" Lance Reynolds came out of his room. "The telephone broke down, I have my own ph-" Reynolds tripped over his own screwdriver. The phone flew into the glass of milk. "I was going to drink that."

John cracked up. "It's called iPhone-flavored cereal." Lance retorted, "You want to eat this thing then? Looks crunchy. So what are we doing here in this fine, iPhone-cereal sipping mornin'?" Mark answered for the group. "Gamma showed up at Crash Palace yesterday. Sent two 'bots to the J-Yard and five to the repair shop. Midas is going to be one of them." Lance asked the question that had been brewing in everyone's minds. "So who's the owner?" "That's the problem. We don't know." "Wait." said Kelichi. "How can that be?" "There wasn't a handler at Corner Red." said Mark. "One way to find out. I got a scheduled fight this evening, me, Keiichi and John are going to do the work, with a new Mech dude called Raymond Santiago. Good opportunity to try him out. So now, uncle Hedhon's gonna take all of you good little boys and girls to a field trip to Crash Palace today.”

Flynn Studied Gamma's movements ,attack patterns and certain vulnerable areas ,so he and Sparky began training (Queue the Montage with the song Eye of The Tiger By Survivor).Upon finishing their training ,Flynn realized that Gamma's Radiation is similar to well Gamma Rays or Radiation ,he noted that it had a extremely high frequency enough to short circuit Sparky's scanners meaning he can only scan high frequency but Flynn decided modify his Scanners and he noted that Gamma Radiation or Rays have a high energy output which means Sparky can absorb it and use it as fuel .

Later that night Flynn was in a hotel room and noticed that Gamma's core was a ticking time bomb,he knew that if the system malfunctioned in battle it would detonate so he decided that ripping his head off is a better idea than attacking the core. The next morning, he received a call. “Flynn? Is that you?””Sure as hell I am,””Meet me at entrance of CP. The rest of the team should be here.

So there they were, Mark, John, Lance, Flynn, Kellichi and Yuko, all went to Crash Palace in a special convoy. To avoid over attention, they drove in civillian cars, with Mark in the lead in a muscle car. Behind him came John and Lance in a 4x4 Hummer. And, behind Flynn, who drove a 1970 C10, came Keiichi and Yuko, in a convertible classic sports car. They hit Crash Palace and met Raymond at 7:40 PM, 20 minutes before Gamma's scheduled fight with a repaired and enraged Midas. "Man, I could guess how hyped Finn would be. " said Lance to no one in particular as the group entered the main gates.

"OK, guys. Eyes on both Gamma and Corner Red. Understood?" Mark's voice was nearly drowned out in huge cheers of the equally huge crowd. "Yeah"s and "OK"s were passed back and forth as the bell rang.

The fight started, as quite expected, and quite literally, with a bang. "Bang!" went Midas as Gamma's sweeping hook knocked him off his feet. Midas instantly got up and, dodging a half-hearted jab, then headbutted Gamma's torso. Unfortunately for Midas, Gamma had been prepared. He gripped Midas's head with his false thumbs, then began crashing Midas's face into his more-then-adequately armored chestplate. Midas finally broke free, but one of his eyes were dark, and patches of his Mohawk was missing. There was no respite for The Gold Blooded Killer as Gamma sent one fist crashing into Midas's shoulder and sent him flying into the ropes. However, Midas was never an easy opponent. He managed to stun the ex-champ with his signature Tomahawk Blow, then began to fall into the familliar 'Midas Pattern' of hooks and uppercuts with the occasional Tech Move, and a large number of headbutts. Gamma put an end to this with a well-timed Panic Shield, which gave him a window of opportunity at Midas's left shoulder hydraulics. Three out of five were damaged as Midas stumbled back from Gamma, with his weakened left arm ruining his guard stance. After that, the fight was as clean as an empty hotel room, with Gamma batting Midas's arms out of the way as he uppercutted Midas, snapping some wiring and relays inside the neck. Midas, suddenly paralyzed, stood, unmoving in his repair stance, designed to give optimum acess to most of his major systems. Gamma then punched through Midas's unprotected chestplate, smashing the mainboard located inside it. Midas remained standing and unmoving, as Gamma did a taunt, the one which he had performed so many times before his original downfall by Rubicon.

'Dude, Midas got pwned just like that' was everybody's first thoughts. However sucessful their robots were, most of them had started bottom up from the Underworld, and the local hotspot was Crash Palace. Back then, the name 'Midas' struck them almost as strong as Destructobot now. Although most of these fears had been conquered, none of them had seen Midas get defeated so easily.

Team Mech got to work, Lance and Flynn set-up the equipments. “You suring you don’t need this?” Mark asked, surrounding by tech. “I like to trust my instincts.” replied John, clutching his trusty hand-held. Raymond prepped Twister nerviously. Flynn gave the team a pep talk of Gamma’s weaknesses. “And whatever you do, DON’T hit the core or we’ll end up like KFC fried chicken.” Keiichi rubbed his fists.

Eager to try, John was the first to challenge the might of Gamma. With a roar, Ambush 2.0 stormed into the ring. Gamma found his match and charged. The two mechas crashed into each other. Gamma got close and tried to punch 2.0 in the gut. John saw this and countered this with a perfect right hook. Ambush tried to pin Gamma down but Gamma looked like as if a fly is on his back. With a simple heave , Ambush went flying. "What kinda bot is this?!" moaned John. Ambush got up quickly an charged. Although he is strong, Gamma isn't heavy. Ambush grabbed him behind and tossed him onto the ground. Gamma's head dented a little. Ambush pounded Gamma's chest while he's on he floor. Gamma, being Gamma, stood up as if it was nothing. Gamma did a great chop onto Am2.0's chest. Bush went flying to the ropes, the A with wings is nowhere to be seen. John grumbled. Mark screwed up his face as if he can destroy Gamma with staring. Yuko tried to find her lipstick. Lance went to the toilet. John activated stealth mode and Ambush 2.0 vanished on the spot. Gamma looked around and scanned the area and charged at Bush. "Oh boy," grumbled John as 2.0 dodged out of the way. Only 25 seconds left to the mode. 20 secs, Am gets into position. 15 secs, Gamma charged. 10 secs, Ambush 2.0 did a great right straight and Gamma stumbled onto the floor. 5 secs Ambush 2.0 and Gamma charged at each other. 1 sec, Am laidthe Grand Smackdown on Gamma. Stealth mode ran out. Stealth mode did some pretty damage on Gamma. Gamma got up after a “6”. Ambush feinted a gut punch and attempted for a straight left. However, Gamma’s reactions a fast. He slumped his shoulders so the arm is right on his shoulders. Gamma punched straight through the arm and ripped it off. Yuko squealed as Keiichi pulled her out of the way of the flying scrap. Ambush 2.0 punched Gamma for the last time, then tagged out. John, in a very bad mood, said "Wreck him for me will ya?" "With pleasure." replied Mark himself. Yuko tapped Mark on the shoulder. “What?””Mark, see the cooling shafts? The heavily dented ones? Keep attacking those. Since Gamma uses a nuclear core, there should be very strict shutdown situations.”“ Got it.”

Ravagor is tagged in, Gamma and Ravagor eye to eye. Ravagor runs in and attempts to completely break his leg off by tackling and pulling but it does nothing, Gamma shrugs him off and Ravagor is left in the corner. Gamma slowly walking up to Ravagor. Mark is frightened of the match up and attempts Overdrive but controller has a time limit, 23.4 seconds. Ravagor tackles Gamma again. 20 seconds. On the ground but Gamma switches and gets on top. 16 seconds. Gamma punches Ravagor in the face. 12 seconds. Ravagor kicks Gamma and is almost off but gets back on. 10 seconds. Ravagor attempts to kick him again and Gamma is pushed to the corner. 3 seconds, Ravagor aimed for the cooling shafts of Gamma’s left arm and pounded with all his might. 5 seconds. Gamma gets up and is half a meter from tackling Ravagor. 1 second. Ravagor stays up but he is gradually moves with his foot skidding across.... Overdrive ready. Mark turns on Overdrive and in a flash, Ravagor double uppercuts Gamma off him. Gamma is on the ground. 1! 2! 3! Gamma gets back up and punches Ravagor and is moved 1 meter away. Ravagor hits Gamma and is also moved 1 meter. Ravagor punches Gamma in the head repeatedly almost removing his head but Gamma moves himself back and dodges the punch. Gamma grabs Ravagors arm and starts elbowing the joint. Overdrive has 10 seconds till power run out, leaving Ravagor defenseless and his arm blown off. Ravagor reaches out to Twister but barely reaches, 8 seconds. Ravagor stretches even harder. 5 seconds. Ravagor's arm is being destroyed. 3 seconds. Ravagor stretches as much as possible. 1 second. Ravagor can't reach Twister hand.  Overdrive deactivated. Gamma blows off Ravagor's arm but Ravagor is pushed back onto the complete other side. Ravagor is spewing oil. Ravagor punches Gamma and Gamma is knocked down. Ravagor runs across the ring trying to reach Twister but Gamma tackles Ravagor again. Ravagor is in the same scenario, with Gamma punching Ravagor repeatedly. Ravagor rolls up and finally, tags in Twister. Twister is head to head with Gamma. Mark is furious and says to Raymond: "Watch out, oh, and f*cking kill him.". Raymond nods his head.

As Ravagor tagged in Twister, Raymond tried to take off Gamma's head with an uppercut. However, Gamma steps back and dodges the attack. Raymond so desperately wanted to get back at Gamma for defeating Twister. However, Gamma fought back with a chain of punches. Twister, even with his titanium armor, had his entire torso ripped open. But Twister isn’t soft either and made quick work of Gamma’s cooling shafts, leaving Gamma weakened. Robot fluids sprayed all over the place. Twister lost once again to Gamma. Twister limped over to Thanatos, suffering from every attack Gamma did to him. As Twister fell on his knees, he managed to tag Thanatos in. As Twister was taken off the arena, Raymond didn't know what to do.

After Thanatos enters the ring, Gamma delivers a jab on Thanatos, then an uppercut. But since the cooling shafts are damaged, it limited to power output of it’s left arm, the uppercut barely did any damage. But even so, the jab dented Thanatos a little. Gamma tries to deliver a right cross but Thanatos dodged and counters with a punch sending Gamma flying half across the ring knocking him down but quickly gets up. Thanatos kept on punching Gamma till he gets cornered. Gamma's got his arms up, defending his head. Mark telling Keiichi and Yuko, "Man, this Gamma is tough.", Yuko replied, "Yeah. Hey Keii-kun, you can finish this match already by hitting that heavily damaged cooling shaft." Keiichi replied, "Aww, I kinda wanted it to last a little longer." Mark with an evil smile saying, "Yeah, torture him for my Ravagor.", "Wow, you really got furious about Ravagor, huh?" Right after this was said, Gamma ducked and hit Thanatos in the guts with a right straight. Gamma charges and delivers a right hook only to be dodged via Bob-and-Weave by Thanatos and counters with a right hook, but is blocked by Gamma while countering with an uppercut which knocked out Thanatos. "Well that was unexpected.", says Keiichi. "Yep, that was surprisingly good.", Yuko added. "WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO!! YOUR BOT JUST GOT KO'ed AND YOU GUYS ARE LIKE: "Wow, that was good." Are you SERIOUS?". "Settle down, knuckle-head."Keiichi replies as he punches Mark on his shoulder. John laughs at Mark getting punched. Thanatos got up at "8", as Yuko presses the "Demonic Beast Mode" button. "Why did you do that?", Keiichi surprisingly tells Yuko. "Try not to damage Gamma too much" Yuko replied smiling. Gamma tries to hit Thanatos with a left hook, but is blocked and countered by a devastating barrage of punches to the mid section of Gamma, then a powerful right cross, leaving Gamma stunned. “NOT THE MID SECTION!” yelled Flynn, “That thing got a nuclear reactor!” But was ignored. Thanatos then hits the damaged cooling shaft, severely damaging Gamma. "Finish it", Yuko whispering to Keiichi. "Yes ma'am", Keiichi responds while controlling Thanatos. Thanatos used one of his signature move, "Soul Reap" grabbing and ripping the spinal structure of Gamma. Mark happily yells, "YES! Thanks dude.". "Oh, you're welcome.". Yuko informs Mark and Keiichi, "Guys, we need to treat the wounded first.". "Oh, yeah I almost forgot, well technically, I forgot about that. Let's go."

They gathered their equipment, when they are done, the audience’s seats are empty. Yuko thought to herself, “Why no-one is collecting Gamma’s scraps?”, then she notices the specks of green lights emeges from the mid-section of Gamma. “What’s that?” “What’s what?” “The green lights coming from scraps.” Flynn looked horrified, he glances at Gamma. “Take COVER!” he yelled. The team panicked. Specks become beams, beams became more, the lights of Gamma are gaining!

“No chance of running away!” thought Lance, ”Unless…” Mark ducked behind the closest object while the Japanese couple found their spot a bit further away. John sat in the corner and Raymond ran like a mad man. “You think we’ll die?” Yuko whispered to Keiichi, “It’s a nuclear reactor meltdown, although it’s extremely small compared to the others, it’s still a nuke.” “Oh well.” No-one understands why the couple are so calm, except from themselves. John sat in the corner. Lance ran his plan through his mind again. “Flynn! Grab Sparky!” he shouted, “We’ll lift the stage and take it on a ride!” “Got it!” Sparky and Shredder came online. With their combined strength, they lifted the stage, taking Gamma with them. John sat in the corner. The scraps of Gamma is a glowing green husk now. Shredder and Sparky slammed the stage to the wall. John sat in the corner. At that precise moment, Gamma exploded. Flynn heard a huge bang, followed by the angry sounds of Artie Bakker.

Then the world turned black.

John sat in the corner.

Lance woke up, the world spun around him like a ballerina. It took him a few minutes to notice the figure in the corner, Jack Henderson, the owner of Doomfire. “What are you doing here?” “Oh well, just checking you. You’ve been knocked out cold for two weeks straight.” “TWO WEEKS?!” “It is a nuclear explosion after all. They checked you out and you’re lucky to have no lasting damage done to you. The stage absorbed most of the blast and before it’s vaporized, the blast bounced it away, along with your bots.” “How’s the team?” “Flynn woke up a few minutes ago. Mark broke his leg since the remains of Gamma hit him. Keiichi and Yuko is in mint condition. Raymond just have exhaustion from intense running. We had to dig John out from the debris, but no harm has been done. Raf Kent and Taylor Srinwest are fixing the bots as we speak.” “So when can I go home?” “A few day later, I think, well, see ya later.”


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