Glassgas is an original bot created by Jaime Tommes. He was inspired by the greater robots of the time, like Twister, Ambush 2.0, Chinzaemon, and Ragnarok. He is also the first Demon Wall to host stronger armor than average.

Power: 98/100

Speed: 78/100

Armour: 68/100

Intelligence: 79/100

Overall: 421/500

Height: 7'1 ft

Weight: 1,942 lbs

Chassis: Military Based Modified Exosuit Skeleton.

Core: K0R-34 Uranium Based Power Core

Announcer Quote: As durable as glass but as strong as a cannon, the opposition better prepare for GLASS GAS!!!

Materials used: Uranium, Kevlar used as a basing for armor. Steel and Titanium alloy.

Weaknesses: As of Version 0.8, Glass Gas appears to hit 2 lbs less in the right arm. This could be due to piston balancing issues and the lack of a secondary stabilizer. If you have any potential solutions, send them to Jaime Tommes (Comment Section).


Version 0.1 "Zeta"

The first evidence of Glassgas's use was during Jaime's time in RBIS while he was training for robot building. Zeta was his first creation and was used against other student made bots and triumphed over some of them. many of the students who applied had difficulty with balancing out pressure through the bot, causing their boxers to spin around aimlessly every-time it tried a punch (One even burst it's arm pistons.). However, the prototype wasn't perfect and took a while to strike a strong punch.

Pros: Powerful if it can strike, fairly fast.

Cons: A glorified exosuit, doesn't last long.

Version 0.2 "Epsilon"

When Jaime ended up in a higher level that was more his style, Epsilon came into account. Having better AI and one of the only bots to include the ability to jump, Epsilon faired well during his testing. However, his core was about the same as Jaime's arrhythmia. It spontaneously bursts and sparks after it has performed a powerful roundhouse, and there was one instance where it had a US4 Core-like incident in which it exploded in a halo of death and pain and lightning.

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