Nickname:The Hockey Bot

Announcer's Quote":A Bot with a Hockey skill,he is the Mighty Glacier!!!"

Special:Arctic Puck Smash




Made in:Canada

Moves:Puck Slam,Skater Zone

Weight:140 lbs

Owner:Jimmy Huilder



Jimmy Huilder a retired Canadian Player,decided to build a Mascot for the Quebec Polar Bears,and it was a robot,the coach denies having a robot as a mascot,but Jimmy built a robot called Glacier,they were in the US battling the Boston Hawks,so they arrived at the Crash Palace and battled Midas,the battle began and Glacier Insta Rip the head with a stick and they won 200.000.

Soon Glacier battled Sparky (Check on Sparky's Page) and he was knocked out,Jimmy met Flynn and they are best buds.

But it was not over Blake Herman challenged Glacier to Denster and lost,Jimmy felt Sad that he lost his bot so he went to Flynn to asked him to rebuilt and they got to work.

Glacier was Rebuilt and Upgraded

Fight Records

Glacier VS Midas:Win 200.000

Glacier VS Denster:Lose Prize 0

Glacier VS Sparky:Lose Prize 0



Both Glacier and Sparky are Canadian

Glacier is Equipped with his stick and built in ice Skates

The Mighty Glacier is a Reference to a Tv Show The Mighty Ducks(a Group of Alien Ducks Playing Hockey and saving the World or a Hockey team,Google it)

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