Gigakill, the armored and reborn Overkill

Origin: After Overkill's fall, Shawn Shucks retrieved and took out Overkill's exoskeleton and plated it with titanium, hence the humanoid look. Gigakill's speed and power are vastly greater than Overkill's and Shawn implemented a new feature, the Megakill Beserker mode, instantly boosting all of Gigakill's stats to insane madness, but at the same time, causing the bot to have a high chance of being uncontrollable. After losing to Kami, Shawn implemented Megakill Stage 2, which upgrades Stage 1 but is a very sacrificial move due to it damaging the robot. Gigakill still wields Overkill's scanner, but uses it in much more risky situations.

− Stats:

− − Strength:98/100 (500/100 in Megakill Mode 1 and 600/100 in Stage 2)

− − Speed: 100/100 (550/100 in Megakill Mode 1 and 700/100 in Stage 2)

− − Intelligence: 100/100

− − Endurance: 99/100 (500/100 in Megakill Mode and 550/100 in Stage 2)

− − Special: 96/100 (499/100 in Megakill Mode and 599/100 in Stage 2)

− − Total: 493/500

- - Special: Giga is Better than Mega-A repeated series of punches funished with a brutal uppercut.

− − Nickname: The Giga Destroyer

− − Intro- From the parts of the thought to be gone Overkill, the excecutioner reborn, cheer for Gigakill!

− − Outro- It seems Gigakill still has it, give it up for the robot champion!

− − Height: 9"1

− − Weight: 1016 lb.

− − Note: This story takes place after the Overkill saga.

- - Special Features:

- - Gigakill Core: Allows Gigakill to scan his enemies.

- - Megakill Mode: Increases Gigakill's stats but has an 80% chance of Gigakill being uncontrollable.

- - Pistons: Greatly increases Gigakill's attack power and speed.

− −

Season 6: The Rebirth of a Legend


vs Psytron-Win Reward: 3000

vs Golden Boy-Win Reward: 5000

vs Asura-Win Reward: 2 mil

vs Overkill Clones-Win Reward: None :P

vs Drazi-Draw Reward: 100,000

vs Doomfire

Season 7: The Power of a God

vs Kami-Lose

vs Kami-Draw

Season 8: Seven Deadly Sins

vs ???-???

Shawn had finally finished his robot after a year of brutal work. Gigakill, a bot that had titanium. Gigakill was incredibly heavy and had much less speed than Overkill, but twenty mechanists who demanded a fortune of ten million dollars managed to change that. Almost immediately after he exited the ring, he was challenged by Psytron. The owner, a man called Ethan sneered, "You think anybody missed ya?"

Shawn replied, "Shut up, your bot, new as it is, doesn't stand a chance against Overkill, much less Gigakill."

Ethan growled, "We'll see." Psytron instantly went for a jab, but Gigakill dodged and sent a blow to Psytron's chassis so hard, it almost smashed into pieces. Nonetheless, Psytron fell down. The crowd roared, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!!!!!"

Psytron was easily defeated, leaving Ethan scowling with so much anger Shawn thought he would explode.

There had been news of a legendary new bot called Golden Boy, made by the acclaimed Tak Mashido and owned by a man called Jonathan Ross. Interested, Shawn went to the WRB arena, where the bot resided. When Shawn arrived, he saw Tak Mashido, who gave him a cocky grin, "Long time no see Shawn, I hope you brought a bot, cause Golden Boy's gonna wreck you."

Shawn smirked, "Gigakill's more than enough Tak, you'll see why he lives up to his namesake."

Jonathan went over and shook hands with Shawn, "Name's Jonathan, hope to have a good match."

Shawn took it and replied, "Yeah, me too."

The two bots entered the ring. Golden Boy warmed-up a little. Gigakill did nothing. The match started with Golden Boy rushing over to Gigakill. Gigakill dodged and punched Golden Boy's chassis, causing a massive crack. Gigakill stomped on Golden Boy's body and lifted the bot up for more punches, Golden Boy fell down for ten seconds, leaving Gigakill the winner. As Shawn left, he saw Tak fuming.

No more than two days after, he received a challenge in the mail. The font was gold and read, "See you at the WRB Arena-Tak." Shawn got Gigakill ready and proceeded to said arena.

When he got there, he saw a smirking Tak, "This time Shawn, your bot's gonna lose. This is my greatest creation, Asura, and his power is limitless."

Shawn replied, "We'll see about that."

As the two hulking bots walked in, Shawn found that the black shadow he assumed to be Asura had copied his parts. Shawn yelled, "Hey, what the!"

Tak laughed, "Asura is my greatest creation Shawn, as I said, his power is limitless!"

Asura, who now looked like Gigakill embodied in orange, immediately charged. Gigakill sidestepped and sent a blow which Asura blocked. Shawn scowled, "I can only hope he doesn't have the scanner."

Asura took this moment to send five quick punches and an uppercut to Gigakill's chassis. Gigakill staggered back, and rammed all of his body weight into an incredibly powerful punch. Gigakill was now struggling and forced on the defensive.

Shawn growled, "I don't have a choice, scanners are illegal in the WRB, but they won't realize if I hit him randomly."

Gigakill quickly found Asura's weak spot, and aimed five punches there, and sent three concussive blows to Asura's head. Gigakill then ripped it off. Shawn walked away from the ring, 2 million dollars richer.

The next day, Shawn found a newspaper claiming that a warehouse had stole the blueprints for Overkill. Interested, Shawn made his way there. He hid in a small car that somebody owned. He heard Anthony Brooks say, "So, these are his blueprints?"

It couldn't be Ant, he was in jail. Shawn heard a dark hoarse voice say, "Yeah, don't believe me? How bout you see for yourself."

Anthony grabbed the blueprints, and a grin spread over his face, "These are his blueprints!"

The other man reached in his pocket and suddenly summoned a Glock pistol. He aimed it exactly where Shawn was standing, "Don't move."

Shawn walked out of his hiding place and raised his hands. Anthony saw Shawn and laughed, "Well, if it isn't Shawn himself."

Shawn growled, "How'd you get out of jail Ant?!"

Anthony sneered, "It was all too easy, just a bit of cash-"

The other man scowled, "It wasn't a bit!"

"-and you're freed." finished Anthony.

The man sneered, "Anyway, let's test our new toys."

Anthony nonchalantly waved his hand, and two Overkills appeared next to him. Shawn scowled. Gigakill slowly walked up to the two robots, ready to fight. First, Overkill Clone #1 attempted to jab at Gigakill, but Gigakill blocked and sent an uppercut. Another quickly caught Gigakill with a right hook and Overkill Clone #1 sent two powerful jabs. The jabs reflected off of Gigakill's armor, barely doing anything to do superpowered robot.

This time, Overkill Clone #2 slammed his fist into Gigakill, and Overkill Clone #1 uppercutted Gigakill. Shawn scowled, he quickly scanned into the Overkill Clones, quickly jabbing at their weak parts and knocking them both down.

The man grabbed out his gun, loaded it, and fired. Gigakill stood in the path of the bullet, and it easily deflected off of him. Gigakill walked forward and the man ran with fear. Anthony ran with him as Shawn gazed at their truck, wondering why they were in cahoots.

The next day, Blake Herman challenged Shawn. The battle immediately went on newspaper headlines, the rematch of two legends, reborn! The two towering brutes entered the ring. Blake Herman wasted no time and immediately activated Sterdrive. Drazi began beating Gigakill around. But in the relentless attacks, Shawn found an opening. Then, Gigakill began pounding Drazi. The punches that Gigakill fired were incredibly quick, but Drazi rolled to the side and performed a powerful uppercut on Gigakill. Shawn scowled, "Gigakill, activate Megakill mode."

Gigakill began to flare up, then fired an insane amount of punches towards Drazi. However, the more he fired, the more powerful and relentless the attacks became. Drazi then jabbed Gigakill once last time in the chest, and both bots fell for ten seconds. The match was a draw.

Season 7: The Power of a God

About a year after the match against Drazi, and newspaper popped up asking people to fight against an "omnipotent godlike" robot called Kami, with the reward being 1 billion. It didn't need a genius to see that Shawn was excited, and without a word, he immediately booked a ticket to Japan.

When Shawn got to Japan, he saw a driver holding up a sign that read, "Shawn Shucks."

As Shawn approached the man, he silently gestured him to his taxi. After a quick ten minute drive to a hotel, Shawn reached into his wallet, but the man held a hand to stop him, "No money, you will pay enough when you fight against Kami."

Shawn was slightly taken aback at the man's confidence, and replied, "You know that Overkill's one of the few robots able to beat Zeus, and Gigakill's a massive upgrade."

The taxi driver laughed as he helped Shawn with his luggage, "Kami is one of a kind, his power is enormous. Comparing him to the likes of Zeus is insulting."

Shawn bid the driver farewell, and walked into the hotel, ready to shrug off the jet lag.

The next day, Shawn got up from his bed and warmed-up Gigakill. Then, the two went over to Heaven's Arena, where Kami was. The first sight they saw was a menacing bot with blue eyes and a mouthguard. It almost seemed as though electricity flew out of his hands, and the owner Takato Mishotowo. Shawn only read a little about him, but it seemed that his bot: Kami, was the strongest in the world.

Shawn walked over and shook hands with Takoto. Takoto immediately gave a briefcase of money to Shawn and said, "Use this for your robot's repairs."

Shawn was taken aback, "Uh...thanks."

Takoto grinned, "Now shall the match begin?"

"Sure!" said Shawn as Gigakill came into the arena.

Takoto snapped his fingers, and with a crash of what appeared to be lightning, Kami entered the ring. Shawn raised an eyebrow, "What the hell was that? No material on the Earth could have done that..."

Takoto laughed, "Are you having regrets, Mr. Shucks? After all, my bot isn't named Kami for no reason."

Shawn shook his head, and commanded Gigakill to land a jab to Kami with Shadow boxing. However, Kami moved almost like wind and dodged the attack easily. Gigakill attempted another punch, which Kami again dodged. Shawn gritted his teeth as he commanded Gigakill to uae his scanner. He was in for a surprise.

"What?! No weakness?!"

Kami finally landed an attack that knocked Gigakill back several inches easily. Shawn began to panic, "No way one attack could have done so much damage to Gigakill!"

Kami was behind Gigakill before Shawn could react, and landed another attack to smash Gigakill down for ten seconds. Shawn's mouth was open at least 5 feet, as Takoto bowed, "A good match indeed. Gigakill has lasted the longest out of all the bots who dared challenge Kami."

He landed a briefcase, "Here is your consolation prize, my best wishes are with you."

Shawn was still in shock, as Gigakill had been defeated easily.

He went on back home, still in shock through the ten or so hours. A few days later, he gazed at the newspaper headlines, and found that Anthony Brooks challenged Takoto as well with his Overkill clones, only to lose. Shawn signed as he put a mask was time to get to work. He hired mechanics to repair Gigakill, and then they all went to work. After three was finally done...Megakill Stage 2. Shawn nodded towards the mechanics, dismissing him as he bought another ticket to Japan, 'Kami, you're about to meet your match!

It took around a day for Shawn to get to Japan, and he went to the Heaven's Arena. There, Kami had just defeated another bot. Takoto looked up and smiled at Shawn, "Ah, so you're back! I do hope that you've improved your bot's power if you want a rematch."

Shawn smiled back, radiating confidence, "Oh I have...this time the result will be VERY different."

Kami leapt down onto the ring as Gigakill walked in calmly. Shawn focused his brain, "Megakill Stage 1!"

He knew that Kami's great speed would enable him to take Gigakill by surprise, so he expected a sneak attack. Gigakill turned around and sent a tremendously powerful blow towards Kami. Takoto raised an eyebrow in shock, "Impressive..."

However, Gigakill couldn't keep up with Kami for long, and he was essentially hit multiple times without even seeing Kami. Shawn closed his eyes, now was the time...

"Activate Megakill Stage 2!"

A red electricity swirled around Gigakill as he knocked Kami back towards the edge of the ring. The robot leapt over and attempted another attack, but Kami dodged it. Shawn closed his eyes as he predicted Kami's movements, and Gigakill attacked behind himself. Kami was knocked back several feet as Takoto's eyes widened in surprise, "Amazing! No bot's ever done this to Kami before!"

Gigakill leapt up for a follow up attack, but suddenly the bot began slowing down. Shawn yelled, "Damn it! Gigakill's time in Megakill Stage 2 is up!"

Kami leapt over and sent a barrage of powerful bunches towards Gigakill. Shawn growled, 'Damn it...I didn't come all this way to lose!'

With one last valiant effort, Gigakill sent a supercharged punch towards Kami, before collapsing. However, Kami collapsed as well, and they both fell for ten seconds, causing the battle to be a tie. Takoto turned towards Shawn, "Well done! Perhaps now Kami has a new rival!"

Shawn shook hands with Takoto, smiling as he knew that Gigakill found a worthy rival as well.

Season 8: Seven Deadly Sins

"Is this a joke? The fate of the world is bet on robot boxing?!" yelled Shawn.

Takoto gave a weak grin, "I wish...the truth is, Kami and I are a higher being than mortals. The challenge was created to find someone worthy of combating...them."

Shawn raised an eyebrow, "Who are them?"

"The Seven Deadly Sins."

Shawn gave a laugh, "You're out of your mind! What do those have to do with robot boxing?"

Takoto sighed, "You know very well that Kami is made of a material beyond those available on Earth. Even him alone can't stop them."

"No," Shawn shook his head, "I'm done; you're insane."

"How did the idea of boxing even occur?"

Shawn turned his head, "What?"

Takoto stood up, "Because of us. We're a higher power: The Metamorans. You may call us demigods or pseudo gods, but we gave this idea. The Seven Deadly Sins were an idea that existed before humans even existed. They were seven great robots who possessed the traits of said sins, and none of our robots could even match them. It cost our leader: Ochua, his life to seal them. The priest has said that they're beginning to break through. We took precautions for this the concept of boxing. We knew that humans would eventually evolve to robot boxing...and that one day, a worthy warrior would emerge. You are that beat a Metamoran robot."

Shawn shook his head, not wanting to believe...but believing still, "If all this is true...then Gigakill's only equal to Kami, so how am I supposed to stop the Sins?"

Takoto sighed, "The Metamoran warriors are few; the first battle with the Sins took a massive toll. You see, my life force is linked with Kami, we are one."

He snapped his finger, and glanced at an incredibly overcomplicated clock that appeared, "We have no time left. We must leave."

A voice laughed, "You're not going anywhere until I've had my lunch!"

Takoto cursed, "Damn! One of them's here!"

A bulging robot with a fat face emerged, "Ta-ko-TO! I've been looking for you. Perhaps Kami can satisfy my hunger...and oh, who's this?"

Shawn commanded Gigakill to walk behind him, "Shawn Shucks, pleased to meet you."

The fat robot laughed, "Ha! You picked a mortal to help you! Oh well, two meals are always better than one!"

Shawn growled, "Gigakill...activate Megakill Stage 1."

A blue electricity swirled around Gigakill as he pushed up to fight against the robot. He rammed his fist into his stomach, only to be pushed back. Kami leapt up as Takoto yelled to Shawn, "Don't just engage him randomly! Gluttony's incredibly dangerous!"

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