The First Champion



Bot Type:

Lightning Bruiser Level 4



Name: Gamma

Title/Nickname: The First Champion

Generation: 1

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Destroyed


Charles Adams in a regular guy that goes by Charlie and one day he got a loan of 60,000 dollars. It was 2015 and the robot boxing sport just started. He decided to make a hardwired robot and bought the toughest metal for 20,000. His robot was completely solid metal, though the inside had a chamber were it held his remote box, motherboard, core and wires. He weighs about 1025 Lbs, which was the heaviest robot in 2015. He was the first ever champion due to his quick moves and they were easy to use and with his extreme weight and fast moves he knocked robots out with a few blows. His most popular move is a double uppercut while jumping and a headlock to the opponent alone with a blow to the opponents face. He was destroyed by a street robot, 'Thug' due to illegal moves.

Further Information

Charles Adams programmed Gamma like Atom with quick moves that were lethal. He got Gamma about 35 moves and one most fights with robots that were programmed with 60 moves.

Section: UW I

Handler: Charlie Adam

Creator: Coast Tire Motor Incorporated

Theme: None

Mode: Remote

Boost: Full Defense

Background: Junkyard

Opening Line: "The First Champion! Here's Gamma!"

Color: Gray

Parts & Auto

Core: Blue Hydraulics

Hydraulics: Cynaide

Mainframe: Tub' O Tough

Motherboard: Lunged Box 400

Remote Box: Unknown


Similair to Atom, though completely Gray and heavier looking fists and arms. The G1 robot head in metal valley was Gamma's Head.


The First Champion

Ability: Steel Bulwark

Origin: USA

Weight: 1025 Lbs

Height: 8 '0"

Special Feature: Extra-Gloved Fists

Signature Move: Headlock

Stats & Data

Defense: 99/100

Power: 86/100

Speed: 56/100

Health: 45/100

Durability: 100/100

Intellagence: 24/100

Strength: 68/100

Special: 86/100

Special Moves:

Double Uppercut, Warm-Up, Tin Can, Headlock, Fast Lane, Chest Bump, Head Slam, Blow Combo, Power Rage, Metal Smackdown, Backstep, Forward, Roundhouse, Duck, Lean Back, More Beatdown, Full Defense, Powercut, Shake It Off, Foot Pin, Arm Lock, Pumped Up, Roll-Over, Gut Buster, Block, Round & Round, Best Fight, Robot Break-Out, Elbow Slam, Kicked Out, Pist Off, Decapatation, Extra Hype To It, Total Edition.

Double Uppercut - Gamma jumps in the air while double uppercutting the opponent.

Warm Up - Gamma punches two times on the left then a right uppercut.

Tin Can - Gamma slams his elbow into the back of the opponent and then rolls the opponent onto the ring.

Headlock - Gamma locks his right arm over the opponents head and then throws the opponent.

Fast Lane - Gamma does a combo of punching right and left three times.

Chest Bump - Gamma jumps onto the opponent.

Head Slam - Gamma punches the opponent in the chest right, left and knocks the opponent down by his head.

Blow Combo - A whole lot of blows, let's just say that.

Power Rage - Gamma runs into his opponent, head first.

Metal Smackdown - Gamma throws his opponent and steps on the head.

Backstep - Gamma backsteps.

Duck - Gamma ducks.

Lean Back - Gamma leans back.

Forward - Gamma steps forward.

Roundhouse - Gamma does a right then left roundhouse to the opponent.

More Beatdown - Gamma does a combo of left and right repeatitly to the opponent.

Full Defense - Gamma blocks the opponent with the left arm and punches the opponent with his right twice.

Power Cut - Gamma double uppercuts the opponent without jumping into the air but springing his legs.

Shake It Off - Gamma acts like he has a major malfunction and then releases it onto his opponent.

Foot Pin - Gamma steps onto the opponents foot.

Arm Lock - Gamma locks his arm around the opponent arms which was about to punch him.

Pumped Up - Gamma does a combo then pumps his fists into the air, showing it to the crowd.

Roll Over - Gamma drops and rolls.

Gut Buster - Gamma slowly duck and punches his opponent with his right arm.

Block - Gamma raises both of his fists.

Round & Round - Gamma spins and punches his opponent.

Best Fight - Gamma punches left punches his opponent twice, right uppercut, left punch twice, left uppercut.

Robo Break Out - Not known yet, though is known to be a full throttle beatdown.

Elbow Slam - Gamma knocks the opponent down by pinning the foot and slamming his elbow into his face.

Kicked Out - Gamma punches the opponent left, right, left and then jumps into the air double kicking the opponent.

Pisted Off - Gamma quickly barrages the opponents chest and does a double uppercut.

Decapatation -  Gamma jumps onto the opponent and the barrages the opponents head.

Total Edition - Gamma unleashes a full throttle of barragement towards the opponent.


  • Gamma was the first real steel championship.
  • Gamma is completely solid metal, other than his inside wire and joint chamber.
  • Gamma looks like but Gray.
  • Atom was Gamma's sparring bot.
  • Gamma fights like Atom.
  • Gamma weighs allot.
  • Gamma was destroyed by a street robot fight and the bot named Thug.
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