Gambit's promotional art

Gambit is a unique bot in Real Steel (iOS game) and World Robot Boxing. He is very versatile and a must have in both games.

Name: Gambit

Nickname: "The Jack of all Terrors"

Bot Type: Unspecified (Presumably a Fragile Speedster)

Generation: 3

Origin: Las Vegas/USA

Special Feature: Turbine Powered Chassis

Announcer's Quote: Here's...Gambit!

Signature Move: Ace in the Face

Super Ace in the Face (Axelrod)

Ultra Ace in the Face (Bluebot)


Gambit's Real Steel WRB Card


The stats are based on the iOS game.

Armor : 7/10

Power : 6/10

Speed : 8/10

WRB Stats:

Health: 1300

Power: 110

Special: 11

38 Stars


Gambit stands at the height of 8'11" and weighed 972 lbs. Gambit's appearence is potentially based on a gambler much like Blac Jac, and he also strongly resembles a human boxer, much like Atom. Gambit has a turbine powered chassis granting him quick speed, allowing him to land fast and strong attacks on his opponent. His fists, however, look like regular boxing gloves. His face is rather unnatural, looking like a freak from Halloween Town.

Gameplay (IOS)

Gambit focuses on speed and his armor, but his power isn't really strong. Gambit is also one of the fastest bots. His armor can withstand Zeus's attack efficiently.


  • Gambit's name is probably a reference to a Marvel Comics™ character also named Gambit.
  • Apparently, Gambit was created for the movie, but was not used or could not be seen on camera.
  • Gambit is one of the fastest fighters, thanks to his turbine powered chassis.
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