Name: Gaby

Title: The Crimson Hope

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online



Gaby was created by Gabriela "Gaby" Morales in Mexico after her boyfriend Erik created Hollow War. Just as Gabriela (also called Gaby by her loved ones) is Erik's girlfriend, Gaby can be considered Hollow War's girlfriend too. She's a robot designed for clean and elegant hand-to-hand combat, which makes her perfectly fit in the WRB. However, she's also fought in the Underworld, with a current 15-0 career in the Underworld and 22-0 in the WRB, making her have a total of 37-0. She's fought bots like Atom Prime Frost, Gun Hammer, Zeus, Asura and defeated them. Her major advantage is that her rivals tend to underestimate her, which gives her perfect shots when her rivals get distracted.

Announcer's Quote: "Introducing the Red Retributioner. The Crimson Hope! Here's Gaby!"



Armor: 80/100

Power: 80/100

Speed: 70/100

RS Champions:

Health: 4003 - 25782

Attack: 303 - 1941

Critical: 1324 - 8709

Special: 613 - 4003

RGN 2 - 5: 421 - 2970

Boost: Full Health


Gaby 001

Origin: Mexico

Ability: Reconstruction - Show Stopper

Weight: 300 kg

Height: 2.40 meters

Feature: Bio-Tech Hybridism

Element: Fire

Special Moves:

1.- Retribution (Original)

2.- Super Retribution (Original)

3.- Hyper Retribution (Original)


Gaby 002

Gaby is pretty reminiscent to Cardinal Chaos due to the design of her face and visor, she also looks like a male robot, which is caused by Erik and Gaby's lack of feminine parts. She has crimson and black paint, with golden yellow trimmings and lights, and also has quite big shoulder pads and feet. Her fists are pretty average-sized and her torso is almost completely black. Her move set is pretty advanced even for Hollow War, since it has a lot of jumps and complex maneuvers that most G-3's are not able to do, pretty reminiscent to Scarlette's and Violette's too. Her finisher is also quite merciless, since she rips off both arms and the head just like Hollow War does. She has fought in both the Underworld and the WRB all around the world, usually fighting in the same places Hollow fights since Gaby and Erik travel together. She's a pretty common face to see in bot fights and is loved by a lot of people all around the world. She's also been the mascot for Ati-Violence Against Women, Gender Equality and LGBT Pride campaigns. Despite her name being "Gaby" just like her creator's, people also like to call her "Red" for OBVIOUS reasons, and the fact that her fighting style is also a little bit similar to Hoodwinked's protagonist, Red. She has teamed up with Hollow War and Technoboy in 3v3 fights, in a team known as "The Hybrid Warriors", and also Hypernova and Dark Red in the "Femme Fatales" team.


Gaby 003

Head: Noisy Boy (Gold Grade)

Torso: Six Shooter (Platinum Grade)

Right Arm: Touch Down (Silver Grade)

Left Arm: Touch Down (Silver Grade)

Right Leg: Touch Down (Silver Grade)

Left Leg: Touch Down (Silver Grade)


Gaby 004

Intro: Camelot

Heavy Attacks: Flash Kick, High Kick, Power Jab, Sidewinder

Special Move: Shock and Awe

Finisher: Aztec

Win: Noisy Boy


Base: Red 2

Body: Black 3

Accent: Gold 3



  • Just like Hollow War, Gaby also has a "Hyper" SP instead of an "Ultra".
  • She's also a bio-tech hybrid, only she's linked to Gaby's nervous system and not Erik's.
  • Her name comes from Gaby's, which is what everyone calls Gabriela.
  • Gaby's referred to as a she, like Hypernova.
  • She's never fought Drago or Tri-Gore.
  • She's never fought any of the Nova Siblings.
  • She's never (and most likely won't) fought Hollow War.
  • She has teamed up with Hollow War, Technoboy, Hypernova and Hadez in several occasions.
  • Because all of the campaigns she has participated on, she was named "The Crimson Hope".
  • If she fought Hollow, she'd probably win.
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