NAME: GKDP-10 "The Space Terminator"


BOT TYPE: Blitz Cannon


Since Palladius is scrap for now, his owners throwed him away. Omega Alex found him, and remember he found an alien cyan, green and black liquid, then mixed it with Titantrol. He did some research, and found out the liquid transforms the robot it is in into an outstanding war machine, the liquid gave Palladius an incredible arsenal of moves and outstanding power by upgrading his parts, aside from giving him so much power. He is in a generation BEYOND 3. Now he partners with Flame Gladiator, under the name GKDP-10, for an incredible team


Done to the addition of the liquid, GKPD-10 gains black and cyan colors and green glow, to represent the glowing liquid flowing on his body, he only remains the head, but the rest of the part have increased armor and shape that clearly represent the mutation


Handler Luis el grande
TBR Unknown (beyond 9999)
Head Biotech Lv. 5
Body Tetra Lv. 5
Arms Ultratech Lv. 5
Fists Omega Lv. 5
Legs Berserker Lv. 5
Generator Rising Speeder-150D
Motherboard Durachip 3.0
Hydraulic Fluid

Titantrol (+Alien Liquid)


Ring Name GKDP-10
Fighting Pose Fighting Pose 3
Tech Moves

Hook Combo

Heavy Barrage

Random Head Destroyer move

Random Arm Destroyer move


Head Spin


Shadow Box

Handler's choice

Pre-Match Action

You're next


  • His initials (GKDP) spell "god and king destroying Palladius" show his inmense power since Zeus is named after a god and is the best in the WRB, and Midas since he is named after a king and is the best of the Underground.
  • He was upgraded by the cousin of Flame Gladiator's maker.
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