Name: Fraust

Title: The Arctic Storm

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Blitz Cannon

Status: Online


Originally from URF (Ultimate Robot Fighting), another game also developed by Reliance Games and in which his name was Cryobot, Fraust was introduced to the Real Steel WRB game as a superbot, which is a type of robots that the player can only use on Events or Versus modes, which means it's impossible to play with him while offline, although he can be played with on the Real Steel Champions game since his parts there are buyable and craftable, but he's not a Legend bot.

It's still unknown why Reliance Games started introducing him and other URF robots, but he's definetly worth obtaining in the Live Events for he's extremely powerful for his WRB 1 circuit and he's also very fun to play with.

Announcer's Quote: "The Arctic Storm, Frost!"


Health: 6000

Attack: 512

Special: 1056

WRB-I: 188


Frost 002

Origin: Finland

Ability: Steel Bulwark

Weight: 972 LBS

Height: 8'0"

Feature: Cryo Core

Special Moves:

1.- Zero Degree (Original)

2.- Super Zero Degree (Original)

3.- Ultra Zero Degree (Original)


Frost 003

Fraust resembles a hockey player due to his ice-related theme. His face resembles a hockey player mask and it has a little crack on its left eye, with two lines that look like arrows and six spots on his forehead, with 8 spots on his mouth. He is mostly painted in silver and electric blue, with black and yellow trimmings here and there. His shoulder pads almost completely block his head when seen from his side. His arms are relatively thin compared to other robots', but his fists are actually quite big and square-looking. He has a thick torso with thin waist and very thick legs with quite big feet. His appearance doesn't change too much between URF and RS WRB, with only VERY minor differences such as the blue circle lights on his fists and some sort of claws. Otherwise, he's the exact same robot. He first appeared in the URF game under the name of "Cryobot".


  • His face looks like a hockey mask.
  • In RS Champions, his name is spelled "Frost" instead of "Fraust".
  • It's unknown why his name changes between the three games.
  • He is quite strong when maxed up, practically filling all his SP 1 with only one Gut Cruncher.
  • He is probably one of the fastest robots in the whole franchise.
  • He's not the only URF robot introduced to the RS franchise (Anubis, Phantom, Tri-Gore and many more also come from URF).
  • He's one of the strongest superbots acording to their respective fighting circuits.
  • His win move is the exact same in RS WRB than in URF.
  • He didn't have a Rip Off move in URF (neither did the others).
  • He's a very recomendable robot to get to play on Live Events.
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