FrankenCrush is a creative Robot designed and created by a UK company in Cambridge. The product was finished on June 19th 2018

Name: FrankenBot

Generation: Generation 3 / Game Breaker Level 5

Title: Combined Destructor

Status: Online

Ranking: Robot 4


FrankenCrush appears to be a black more futuristic machine of Noisy Boy, however, it lacks the Japanese Style. Like Noisy Boy, it's arms lack hands and can really pack a punch. However, unlike any other robot, the design lacks a head.

The Core of FrankenCrush is located in the centre of the chest. Since FrankenBot was made with an Endoskeleton, the Core is located there. FrankenCrush is very big, reaching 9'6.

Special Features

FrankenCrush's original design was built with Titanium Endoskeleton and Outer Shell, making it very defensive. But it had a hallow area between these sections. This give FrankenCrush the Titanium Alloy.

FrankenCrush has 5 different parts in it's body where it can open up: The Torso, Shoulders and under the arms. These are automatically locked up during a WRB Fight.

In many fights, FrankenCrush wins due to dismantling the robot's parts, including an arm and the head. Parts that fall off the opponent are taken to FrankenBot's Workshop to be placed into the hallow area. It is very densely place in (apart from the head and some arms). Adding this all up, FrankenCrush becomes nearly impossible to take down.

However, this has a disadvantage, this makes FrankenCrush very heavy, weighing almost 5,000 pounds. This slows FrankenCrush way down in battle.

FrankenCrush however, keeps the heads delicately in the body, wired up to the core. This gives information on how to fight like the fallen robot's head. With this in battle, FrankenCrush can change it's battle style entirely. This can avoid the software in Zues to adapt to the environment, sometimes breaking the software.

Some Arms are also not crushed up to create armour, these are also wired up and can be used in fighting, these arms come out of FrankenBot's openings, this give FrankenCrush the ability to battle with up to 6 arms at once. However, since this is considered Illegal in WRB, this is only used in Under World fights.

Battle Style

The Battle Style when FrankenCrush is normally fighting is very basic, however he can switch between styles on the heads in the body's original data. This gives FrankenCrush a lethal way of fighting.


Strength: 82/100

Speed: 32/100

Intelligence: 93/100

Durability: 100/100

Skill: 74/100

Total Battle Ranking: 5,866/9,999

Top Battles

Want FrankenCrush to battle your robot? Send me a link to your robot and I can make up a story.

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