Fracture was a robot made by th byor funtion on realsteel. He has Zeus' fists Midas' red body, Blacktops legs and Ambush's head.

Originally Fracture was a pile of junk, Ricky fixed him up and Fracture soon became a fighter.

Robot Fights

Vs Ambush: win

Vs Bluebot : Win

Vs Blacktop: Win 

Vs Noisy Boy : Loss

Vs Blacktop:Win

Vs Midas : Win 

Vs Atom : Loss 

After the Atom fight, Fracture was destroyed.

Moves: Nukefist, Slam Breaker, Longblock, Crossbox, Neon Knucklebreaker, Turboblock, Close combat 

Ripoffs: FaceCracker, Loose Teeth, Standoff, Rodeo Wrecker.

Signiture move: Yee-Haw Hacker.

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