Name: Focal

Focal in his Canadian Cameo paint scheme

Title/Nickname: The Apertured Apparition, The Picturesque Puncher

Generation: 4

Bot Type: Glass Cannon

Armor: 73/100

Power: 132/100

Special: 146/100

Status: Online


Origin: USA

Weight: 2013lbs

Height: 8'2"

Special Feature: Camera "Eye" link to handler's HUD

Signature Moves: Focused Strike, Lens Flare, Flash Funnel

Opening Line: "The American cyclops with a picturesque punch, Focal!"

Winning Line: "Once again with his pinpoint strikes, Focal wins!"

Special Move Description:

Focused Strike: Focal targets the opponent's weak spot and slams it with a power strike.

Lens Flare: Focal drills the opponent with his left arm, before he crosses the opponent in the head with his right arm.

Flash Funnel: Focal uses both arms to hook the opponent from both directions, before pulling him close and kneeing him                        in the head.


It all depends on the handler, who can deal with any incoming attacks with Focal's unique shadow-boxing feature – the handler can see whatever Focal sees with his 240-degree camera lens. Not a well-rounded bot, with a low defence and high attack, Focal's main tactic is luring the opponent into hidden traps, after which he will unleash his "Cannon" at full strength, usually resulting in a OHKO for most classes, with the exception of Demon/Stone Walls and Mighty Glaciers. The latter is usually better off against Focal, because he can dish and take a punch, while Focal's only strength is his power. In tag-team fights, however, he is usually paired with at least one of the other triplets, which helps to take care of his well-known weakness. His only other downside is that a heavy punch to his head can easily knock out his camera systems, preventing the handler from using the camera's HUD when shadow-boxing.


Focal's colour scheme changes with the country he is in, as a form of propaganda showing off his patriotism for any country he visits. His current Canadian Cameo paint scheme is popular with the public, increasing ticket sales for the fights he's in. This helps him get into even more fights as he gains popularity with the organisers as well. In the end, NorthWave.Co can only make profits from this marketing ploy.


After HarmOnium moved to Canada, they realised that robots based on greek mythology might seem out of place. Instead, they made bots that looked cool and dished out major amounts of damage. Decker was their first foray into Generation 4 robot building (Argus was upgraded to a G4, not built as one). Decker's victories were followed by his three successors, Shatterpunch, SyncShock and BeatBoxer, all built with a sleek and efficient design in mind. To counter these bots, Canadian manufacturer NorthWave.Co designed Amplifister and the triplets (Sydeline, Focal and Skirmish). Amplifister was a hit and the triplets followed after. All four used the same type of power core, but modified to suit their bot types and build. Skirmish specialised in resistance to extreme weather conditions, be it cold or hot. Focal specialised in identifying the enemy's weak spots and utilising pinpoint attacks to demolish his opponents. Sydeline was nimble and quickfooted, dodging opponents and crushing them from behind. The triplets often participated in 3v3 combat, incapacitating any enemy team in their way. They each complimented each others' strengths and fortified their teammates' weaknesses.

Phrase of the year:

"Go for the eyes!"

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