Name: Fiend

Title: The Apex Predator

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Fiend is a destructive robot for the game Real Steel iOS and Real Steel World Robot Boxing . In Real Steel iOS, he is stronger than Nitro (with one more power point, but has the same speed and armor). He is extremely overpowered and a very useful robot, surpassing almost all robots, by being frighteningly fast, heavily armoured, and ultimately all powerful. In World Robot Boxing, however, Fiend is actually powered down, taking Zeus's original stats while the new Zeus is simply buffed up. He has incredibly high health, along with decent power and special. (Touchdown has better special and regeneration, while Crimson Carnage has an even better special stat than Touchdown and much higher power.)

Announcer's Quote: "The Apex Predator from the Forbidden Kingdom. Here's Fiend!"



Armor: 70/100

Power: 90/100

Speed: 60/100


Health: 6000

Attack: 456

Special: 57

WRB-II: 174



Origin: China

Ability: Absorption - Health Degen

Height: 8'0"

Weight: 1100 lbs

Feature: Space-Age Alloy Form

Special Moves:

1.- Jacked Up

2.- Super Jacked Up (Twin Cities)

3.- Ultra Jacked Up (Zeus)



Fiend has a skull face with a drill and a horn on his forehead. He has a skeletal structure on his abdomen. He has a power core in his chest and four red lights on his shoulders and the joints of his arm. His lower arm resembles Noisy Boy's lower arm and has spikes on the edge of his fists which are also rotatable. His legs looks almost like Zeus's  legs, but they're thicker and are equipped with a high class hydraulics which allows him to jump high enough to kick his opponent in the face. He is painted in dark/gun-metal gray with red trimmings and lights throughout his body. He has a hump on his upper back, which gives him an ape-like appearance.


  • Fiend has tough armor placed on his back - it gives him an ape-like stature, fitting for his immense strength, which apes are known for.
  • He has spikes on the edges of both of his fists. 18 on each fists. 36 spikes in all. They're not just for show, as Fiend utilises them to increase his damage output.
  • He can rotate his fists to make his attack stronger.
  • Fiend's parts are fabricated of a space-age alloy form, a highly advanced tech which gives him incredible strength and speed.
  • Fiend is now the Third strongest robot in WRB, and first in Real Steel (iOS).
  • Fiend is actually now contending with Blockbuster over whose the more powerful robot! Unfortunately, in-game, Blockbuster has a tiny bit more health!!
  • This time around in the most recent update for Real Steel iOS, Fiend is now competing with Scarlette over the title for the strongest robot. While Scarlette may have much higher speed, Fiend has much more armour.
  • One should take extreme precaution when executing his Special Move in WRB - Fiend has the longest Special Move Miss recovery.
  • Fiend also has a variation of him in both games, Dark Fiend.
  • At the moment on Real Steel iOS, both Fiend and Blac Jac's special moves are called "Jacked Up". In Real Steel WRB, Fiend's special move retains this name while Blac Jac's special move was changed to "Poker Face" to avoid confusion.
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